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Stomach Pain

I have been experience a minor pain on my left side under my rib cage. It has been coming and going for the past two months. I have been diagnosed with depression which causes me to worry exstensively. I have had other stomach problems in the past, but the docters couldn't find anything wrong. I also have a history of alcohol abuse (I know, not the smartest thing for a depressed person). I hate to keep going to the doctor everytime there is an ache or pain, I feel like I may over reacting. This pain does not feel like acid or gas. More like something is inflammed. I am concerned that I may have something seriously wrong with me, but don't know if I even have symptoms of anything. There is no fever, occasional loose bowels but not bad, no blood. I also have been going through a lot of life changes lately which have been very stressful. I am on no medication.
Questions, What coluld this pain be and at what point should I be seriously worried?

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Dear Kat,
My suggestion is for you to speak with your primary physician.  This individual should have baseline information about your health as well as noting any changes.  Reassurance may be forthcoming based on the evaluation.  If you do not have a primary doctor, you should find one.  It is not a good idea for an individual to diagnose their own complaints.

Best of luck
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I believe that you have a peptic ulcer.I've been having those symptoms,and my doctor has told me it was an ulcer.It can cause your stomach to burn.Does your stomach burn after you eat?Or is the burning relieved by eating?Do you feel nauseated at times?You should go to the doctor(preferably a gastroenterologist)and have them check you out.

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It sounds like you are having stress-related symptoms.It is most likely being caused by acid reflux and/or gas even though you think it doesn't feel like acid reflux. Are you still drinking any alcohol? If you are, that may be part of the problem. Caffeine will also contribute. If you have already been worked up by a physician, you can probably rest assured that stress and anxiety is the underlying cause. If you can avoid alcohol and caffeine, you will be two steps ahead. If you cannot give up the caffeine and alcohol, you should try to accept that your symptoms are not serious and will not hurt you. Your mind is very powerful and can make you think that there is something wrong with you even after your doctor has examined you and given you a clean bill of health. You may want to talk to a Psychiatrist if you haven't already done so. It has worked for me. Don't worry, be happy. Good luck!

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You could be experiencing mild pancreatitis. Alcohol abuse by itself can cause this, and stress will only aggravate the condition.  Talk to your Dr.
Good luck  
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I had some sort of attack this afternoon, which scared me so, that I had my neighbor come to take me to the hospital.
We didn't make it there, as after about 30 minutes after it started, it slowly subsided. Don't know what it was, but my mom though it might be gallstones, as most of her sisters had their gall bladder removed, ans she was familiar with the symptoms.
My whole abdomen was cramping, so much so that it hurt to breathe, or straighten up.  I have had a very busy stressful couple of weeks, and have been not eating right...eating on the run..mostly fast food. (I know..bad girl )
While I was hurting this afternoon, there was pain and pressure
around my bottom as well as my entire abdomen.  I will ask the
doctor next time I'm there...or sooner if it should happen again
Whaddya think...hmmm?
Thanks in advance for your responses.
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My 14 year old daughter is experiencing a lot of stomach pain and is missing a lot of school because of it. We have been to the Dr. several times and they don't seem to know what is wrong. The pains come from know where at times and are stronger after she eats any type of foods. can someone give me any suggestions? A few years ago I was diagnosed with Crohnes Disease is it possible that she could develop it? Thank You for any suggestions or answers.
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Dear Kat:

Because the pain you desribe is so high a possibility may be gall bladder.  You need to follow up on this - call your local hospital for referrals in your area.  Ask or suggest the following tests - endosopy - small bowel series and colonoscopy.  If you have any imflammation as you speculate you will know for sure after these tests.  A simple blood test measuring your sed rate (imflamation) will also serve as a motivator for these tests, if the imflammation is high.  

Take care of yourself - you are your own healer first!
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Dear Bert:

I too have a 16 year old son (who is now in the hospital) and I have been diagnosed with Crohn's disease years ago so yes it can happen.  The doctors think it may be related by ethnics rather than heredity but no one really knows.

My son has been seriously ill since last May - he was diagnosed 5 years ago with ulcerative colitis and was treated with prednisone and asacol which always worked in the past.  This time he was not recovering, was hospitalized in August with IV steroids and flagile but was only good for about a week.  He has lost 50 lbs. since May and is deteriorating quickly not to mention depressed.  He is being home tutored because he couldn't make it to school.  I secured the name of another specialist in our area because his doctor was hesitant to put him on 6 mp because it takes 3 months or more to begin working and he wanted to get this event under control first.  The new gastro admitted him to the hospital and I finally got him to start running more tests.  Now they're saying he has Crohn's colitis (even his old doctor but never shared that with us) and the doctor is considering Remicaid infusion ( or Infliximab) which is basically an antibody which reduces the imflammation to nothing quickly.

To start off with your daughter I would suggest a blood test to measure the imflammation(sed rate).  If it is high graduate from there.  A colonoscopy, small bowel series and possibly an endiscope if the small bowel series is indicating imflammation or disease.  Since they use the same type of anesthesia for the colonoscopy and the endoscopy I would suggest having them done at the same time just so you don't have to submit your daughter to anesthesia twice.  

Don't wait any longer - over time your daughter can develop other problems such as depression and eating disorder because she relates eating to pain.  It is not pleasurable any longer so she may avoid food.  

You and your daughter will be in my prayers.  How is your Crohn's doing now?  Are you under a doctor's care or are you in remission?  I have been for 5 years now since my last surgery - pretty much pain free but diarreah (which is manageable) and no meds for 4-1/2 yrs.
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My symptoms book says it is most likely an ulcer also... possibly GERD...Reflux, best get seen by doctor won't go away without help...could have H-Pylori virus which will need an anti-biotic, zantac and or prilosec...
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i have had a hernia removed from my neighbor over six months ago when i went to the doctor one of several visits for severe abdomial pain,then the pain came back and i had my gallbladder removed,now the same pain has returned and my primary physician gave me vicodin until my insurance would approve for me to see a specialist which took over three weeks.i'm going to the doctor finally today and the pain is still there it is a burning sensation in the middle of my stomach.i'm a fifty two year old military person who has done quite a bit of drinking in my lifetime but have cut down the past three years.the pain stops for about one hour when i've taken pepcid or maalox or gavaison but returns stronger and wakes me during the night with severe burning.i have also been given meds for possible acid reflex and have gotten relief with that problem.the pain at this point i sometime think is bubbling feeling and then burning.i have even gotten up during the night to drink cold water due to the burning senstaion.
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I work in a local pizza shop the other day i sneezed and my side started hurting like i had pulled a muscle now if I lay wrong or lift something it hurts to the belly button should i see a physician or try to strengthen that muscle
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I too have been getting pain under my left rib cage after I
eat a moderate amount of food. I'v had Abdominal ultrasounds,
abdominal cat scan and a Hitus Scan (gallbladder).  It was
determined that my gallbladder is not working well. However,
the surgeon said the gallbladder is not causing my left pain.
Today a gastrologist performed an endoscopy (down my
throat checking out my stomach ect.)  He prescribed prilosic
and said I may have gastritus.  I am trying to get this resolved
Hope this helps you.  Do you have any new news or developments?
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I been having severe stomach pains, for about a week or so.  I would like to know what might be causing this pain.  I'm not taking any medicaton at the moment, but I would like some more information on this matter.  In adition, I took a laxative a few days ago, which cleaned out my system, but I still feel the pain getting worse.
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Kat,i have the same problem...with feeling bloated ,let me know if you find out what it is...
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Kat, your symptoms are very similar to mine.  Pancreatic problems can cause depression (physiologically) and present ULQ pain like you describe.  Mine still unresolved.  Would be interested in what you find out.  Good luck and thanks.
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the pain is on my right side sometimes lower sometimes a little higher, i do not drink. i have had stomach problems since i was a kid. also have a lot of stress i lost husband three years ago from cancer and have a six year old son to raise.
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I have had pain on the right lower side of my stomach sometimes a little higher. It is not a pain that is severe by anoying it also does not last all day but comes periodically.  when i press my stomach i do not feel pain or any hardness or lumps.  i was diagnosed with IBS a while ago but this feels more like a tugging or pulling. Also under a lot of stress. Could it be goldbladder or ovarian cysts.  Had a check up in Dec. with pap smear and showed nothing. Also alot of bleching constantly. Had colenoscopy in summer of 1999 showed nothing.
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i have been having pain in my lower right side sometimes a little higher.  the pain is not a pain that is severe but more annoying.  It comes and goes.  I was diagnosed with IBS a while ago but i don't feel that this is that.  Had pap smear done two months ago. it was negative.  had colenoscopy in the summer of 1999 also negative. Could pain be gallbadder or something that i should really worry about.  I lift my son on my legs and wrestle with him he is six years old and weights 85 pounds, could this be some sought of sprain???
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I have the same simptoms with the alcohol abuse but also I smoke too many cigarettes.  My pain is under my rib cage and I constantly spit up something like gull it is all foamy.  I take blood pressure pills and am taking wellebrutin to stop smoking and to relieve my anxiety.  It hasn't helped with the smoking.
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I have the same simptoms also,but I don't drink
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i have a similar problem, if you have any info on solving this please email me at ***@****

p.s. this has been a problem of mine from the ages of 9 to 35 (current) ive been to many doctors and no answer
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I am 71 year old woman, I recently had surgery,  now have severe
upper stomach problems, lack of appetite, dry metalic taste in
mouth, periodic flem, weakness.  I have tried mylanta, pepcid,
perlosec, all with not much help.  Pain pills help, but I think
irritate the problem.  One year/half ago I had upper/lower GI
diagnosis gastritis& reflux.  This problem has happened after
2 surgeries.  I have lost so much weight due to inability to
eat (I have to force myself to eat). My stomach feels so sore.\
If anyone has any suggestions or similar experience I appreciate
your help.
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I have a stamach pain that when I eat something I always vomit it up and i try to loose bowel but i cant i dont want to eat anything because I feel sick.
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It sounds like what you are experiencing is extremely similar to what I am feeling.  Have you found any answers?  My pain seems to be after drinking which I also do too much, and dor the same reasons.  I have had this pain somewhat since I was 16, and the doctors say there is nothing there. I seems that my ribs are jabbing into something. The pain is worsend cosiderably if I drink and have sex.  I am also worried and feel the doctors see me as a hypochondriac.  I was asked to have a lower gi done which I have not yet.  I also have ibs.  But today I am in sever pain, and after my hangover wears off, I will see a doctor tommorrow.  I also have low blood suger.  We girls need take better care of ourselves.
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