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Stomach Pains and breath odor. Is it because of Gallstones?

  My father is experiencing pain in the stomach he said it's
  usually in the lower abdomen especially after meals. He also
  has breath odor.  He took an ultrasound and they saw gallstones
  in his gallbladder.  The doctor suggested surgery.  My father
  is diabetic.  His sugar level is around 180.  I'm concerned
  about him undergoing surgery.  Also, I've looked at the
  symptoms of gallstones problems and the pain is usually in
  the upper abdomen below the ribcage.  Also, I haven't seen
  any mention of breath odor.
  I'm worried that gallstones is not the real cause of the
  problem.  But if we delay surgery, it may worsen the situation
  if gallstone is the real problem.  The doctor said that the
  stones might affect his liver.  He had history of hepatitis.
  Please help!
Dear beth,
You do not tell us the duration of your father's diabetes or whether he is insulin dependent.  I agree with you that it is not certain that your fathers symptoms are related to his gall stones.  Additional tests are needed to exclude other causes for his pain e.g. gastroparesis, intestinal disease, mesenteric ischemia.  Gastroparesis could cause many of the symptoms that you describe.
You should also know that many physicians prefer to remove gallstones of patients with diabetes even if the stones are not causing symptoms.  This approach is based on findings that diabetics ( in contrast to healthy controls) can develop severe gall bladder problems, suc as inflammation, infarction   without warning.  In contrast, individuals without diabetes will usually have warnings (biliary colic) of impending gall bladder problems
This information is presented for educational purposes only.  Always consult your personal physician for specific medical questions.
*keywords: gall bladder, gastroparesis , diabetes meellitus

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