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Stomach Stapling?

  I apologize if this is not your area of expertise.  This is not an earth-shattering problem, but I am concerned about a friend.  Do you folks know anything about stomach stapling for weight loss?  I have a friend who has severe reflux, and none of the meds seem to be helping her.  She weighs about 215 pounds.  The doctors have said while they operate on her esophagus, they could do the stomach stapling also.  I thought that procedure was for individuals who weighed much more than that, like 300, 400 lbs. It seems to me the esophagus surgery would be enough to adjust to and recover from without the other on top.  Any thoughts? Thanks
Dear Pam.
You are correct that gastric stapling is indicated for morbid obesity .  This test should not be done as part of the treatment of esophageal reflux.  Before surgery, there are several other approaches to facilitate weight loss.
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