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Stomach pain and burning

My son often complains of stomach pain and more frequently I notice him "burping".  His doctor said they suspected gastritis and said he should take zantac.  He hates taking medicine and I'm concerned about giving it to him but I am also very concerned about his stomach.  My grandmother died of stomach cancer last year and I was diagnosed with gastritis and esophagitis this year.  I should take pepcid (according to my doctor) but even when I did take it I didn't notice much relief.  Is there a more natural solution for us?  Any suggestions?
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What tests have you and your son had ?
I too have found no relief: for abdominal pain,ache and heartburn and have lost weight as from this condition
I found no comfort in Mylanta,Tums, Zantac and or Nexium
I read on this board some helpful hollistic approaches and if I am unable to get relief soon, I will try as well,. Keep us posted
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Anyone know if you can take Mylanta or Pepto being on Prevacid?
This IC Dicyclomine (for Irritable Bowel)makes my stomach upset. I am feeling very sick again, vomiting, night sweats, stomach aches, dizziness..All tests (cholesterol low, autoimmune ok, copper ok, iron ok) came back ok. He scheduled a ct scan of the abd., I told him maybe I need on of my head...lol then I guess I go on to a hep dr and a gastro also.  This is not fun! How can a 26 yr old mother keep up with three babies being soooooo sick 24/7!!!!!
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Have you had a endoscopy ? Or Ph tests? Before going on acid reducers ?
I found no relief with Nexium and continue to have stomach aches and pains. Have you lost weight ?
Did you have a ultrsound before the CT ? Keep us posted ?
How long suffering and do you have good days?
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