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Strange bowel symptoms

My urine and stool have a strange odor, which smells like a plant in my garden (boxwood)- which has a very strong odor to me, while others do not smell anything.  My stool is the consistancy of pudding, with too much liquid in it, and it never gets solid enough to form a mass.  My bowel function has ceased to move, possibly because there is no mass for it to move. I have had this condition for about six months.

Through extensive tests, my doctor has ruled out any bacteria in my stool or blood.  A colonoscopy shows a healthy colon.  Thyroid is healthy. My doctor has diagnosed this as an allergy; the Vanderbilt Allergy Clinic says they do not believe this is an allergy.  I have no respiratory symtoms, and am otherwise very healthy.  The Vanderbilt clinic also ruled out mold - which may be present in the house I am renting, as it had a long term water leak under the house.

My colon doctor said to "walk 3 miles a day and eat more fiber".  More fiber just changes the stool to a grainy pudding consistency!  Ditto for Metamusil or other fiber products.  Walking doesn't create a bowel movement.  I do work-out everyday, with a trainer two days a week.

My allergy doctor said it is due to my change of lifestyle - new job, new living environment including new refridgerator, new place to buy food & produce, new place to prepare food, new routines, etc.  He said I should try eliminating different food groups like dairy, vegetables, etc.  Since my symptoms don't change from day to day, but my food choices do, it doesn't seem like that would help.

My general doctor prescribed Sucralfate 1GM 4x daily, which treats ulcers with constipation as a side effect.  We thought this would create firm stools.  It did have a calming effect, but otherwise it really doesn't help.

I am 63 years, and the allergy doctor said I may have less body enzyms.  Also, I do have loose bowel lining close to the rectum, and possibly a "sack" ... it feels like a maze in there!  But what would that have to do with the odor, especially in my urine?...or soft stool?

What do you think?  HELP!
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It sounds like that the suspicion is for irritable bowel syndrome (i.e. with the advice to eat more fiber).  A normal colonoscopy is reassuring in that many major lower GI disease would be ruled out.

Other causes for the symptoms would include malabsorption - this can be tested via a fecal fat test to evaluate for fat malabsorption as well as blood tests for celiac disease.  An upper GI series with small-bowel follow through would also be considered to evaluate for Crohn's disease.  

Bacterial overgrowth can also be considered.  The gold-standard test would be a jejeunal aspirate performed during endoscopy.  Other tests to consider would be hydrogen breath tests which may be suggestive of overgrowth.

You may want to discuss these options with your gastroenterologist.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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Have you been taking any antibiotice??
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I don't know what Boxwood smells like, but I do know that if you eat asparagus, it can make your urine smell funny.  Have you tried the BRAT diet?  Bananas, rice, apple sauce and toast?  That seems to help.
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Thanks for your interest and help.  I don't take any medications or even vitamins, etc. - including antibiotics.  And I don't have an ulcer or any other health issues.
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Thank you for your suggestion of the BRAT diet!  I will try it!
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