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Stricture in duodenum

  Dear Doctor,  
       It has been approx. 4 years ago when I was diagnosed with scar tissue from two ulcers which narrowed the beginning of my duodenum.
  I have had it scoped twice, once to see what condition my stomach was in and another time to stretch or dilate the stricture.  My stricture was so narrow that the endocscope could not even fit through.
  Since then, I have had little trouble, but take Prilosec daily.  I also take Vicodin for head pains due to scar tissue from an aneurysm, Ziac for high blood pressure, and Climara Patch for estrogen because I am in menopause.
  The doctor has said that probably in the future I'll have to have surgery on that stricture to redo the whole thing or repair for good.  This surgery scares me, because one surgeon was talking about resectioning it.
  I have fears of living with diarrhea, or dumping syndrome, and the surgery itself.  Are surgeries of this kind pretty successful.  What are we looking at for the future in terms of medical advances on that type of surgery.
  Can menopause change the digestion of some ladies?  Mine has seemed to have changed--wanting littler food, and having a lot of flatuence with an explosive bowel movement first thing in the morning.  The gas comes all night long.
  I know you can't diagnose, but if you can give me some information, I'll be grateful.
  Thanks. Jani
Dear Jani,
Sometimes strictures liike the one you describe can be dilated using through the scope balloons.  You should discuss this option with your doctor.  If your stricture can not be dilated or if the risk of perforation is great, then surgery is needed.  Most likely you will have a gastrojejunostomy.  The exact surgery done will determine the possible adverse consequences.  therefore, you should have detiled discussions with the surgeon doing the case so that you understand what may happen.
Your change in appetite may be the result of hormonal changes, but the possibility of partial gastric outlet obstruction must be excluded.  
This information is presented for educational purposes.  Always cosnult your personal hysician for specific medical questions.
*keywords; stricture, gastric outlet obstruction

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