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Surgery for Internal Hemorroids/scar tissue

  My problem started with "anal leakage". Several times a day and even at night a fluid will leak out, the area stays irritated and moist. I had a colonoscopy and it showed internal hemorriods and scar tissue keeping the opening from closing completely and allowing the leakage. Surgery has been recommended. Has anyone else out there had this problem? I am scared to have the surgery, what if the closing opens even more? I hope someone out there has some infomation on this
     Thanks,  lizabet
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Looks like this is an old post...hope you are doing better these days.  Maybe you have some advice for me.  I am going through the same thing, ie, leakage, itching, soreness, moist most of the time.  I went and saw my doctor today.  She ordered some stool specimens to be tested as well as an appt. with a proctologist.  I am hoping it is something simple.

If you see this, let me know how it turned out.

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