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Swollen Ankles

Good Evening:
I guess my question could go in several directions.
1)  I have swollen ankles most of the time.  I do notice that
    when I take certain medications, they swell up alot and
    you can leave good size dents in my ankles that stay for
    quite a long time.  I also notice that if I have a glass of
    red wine, they swell.  In the morning, they are greatly
2)  I have cysts on my liver that I was born with, 1 is quite
    large.  I have not gone back in over 5 years for another
    scan.  Could the swollen ankles have anything to do with
    liver disease?
3)  I have GERD and although the burning has pretty much
    stopped, I do notice some swelling below the rib cage.  I
    can not tell if this is located more to the right in the area
    of the liver or just generally located in the middle.  I am
    in no discomfort,I am not short of breath. My doctor had
    done an endoscopy approximately 7 years ago and had taken a
    byopsy around the shynkster (sp??) muscle.  He said I had
    precancerous cells and I do try to be careful what I eat.

4)  Last year I went into the hospital for multiple kidney stones
    One of which was stuck in the Ureuter (sp??) tube.
    Apparently I have many more that pose a threat.

My #1 question is what might be causing the swollen ankles?  Should I start by going back to the Doctor who performed the endoscopy?  I really think I have cancer this time.  I am 46 years old, I recently use the treadmill for 25 minutes a day.  I am 5'5 and weight 200 lbs.
Thank you for helping me.
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2 Answers
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The kind of swelling that you are describing is called "pitting edema" and is considered very serious. The swelling can be from many things - the most concerning would be related to your heart function. There is a heart disease called CHF - Congestive heart failure.
But in your case it may very well be related to your liver. The congential cysts on your liver may very well be causing further problems within the liver and affecting it's function. The liver problems alone would not cause the swelling but there are complications from liver disease that can cause the swelling. I would decrease or totally stop drinking any alcohol if you haven't already done so.
It is the swelling below the rib cage that concerns me also. It is possible that the swelling is from the liver which is located just inside and below the right side of the rib cage. The possibility of stomach cancer should also be ruled out. Abdominal swelling can be caused also by excess fluid (like the edema). I am very pleased to hear that your are not symptomatic and are not SOB. None the less do not wait.YOU HAVE TO BE SEEN NOW BY YOUR MD!!! You have waited too long already. They will need to do blood tests as well as more detailed tests. Let your MD know that you are having "pitting edema with abdominal swelling".
As long as you are not having any urinary problems I don't think that you have to worry about the previous kidney stones. Although your MD should check into that also just in case.
I am an RN and have seen patients like yourself. Please make an appt with your primary care physician ASAP. Good Luck!
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