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Symptoms of gerd?!?!

can someone please tell me the symptoms of gerd besides the burning in the throat and chest...like are there any pains in the abdominals, and bowel movement disturbances, what kinds of pain, naesua? headaches? can someone pleasehelp me
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Whelp, despite the reflux thing - bile/acid backup in to your throat - there are trigger factors.  MAJOR acute pain, feels like a bloody heart-attack.  The feeling like you want to let a ripper of a burp.  Mint bugs you sometimes.  The pain is right in your chest - top of the stomach, wraps around to your back, and sometimes you can tell you're getting an attack by an achey back.  Milk makes an attack far far worse, and for me, a lot of the time, eating ice cream will set an attack off immediately.  
The pain can go on for an hour, 5 hours, all night, a week - there's no way to know.  Laying down makes it 50 times worse, sitting up makes it better.  Sleeping is impossible without a sleep aid of some kind.  
That's about it, more or less.  Sometimes, in a reaaaaallly bad attack, I get nauseous, but that's extremely rare.  When I was in my teens, I'd also get consitipated, but that hasn't happened in about 10 years or so.
In a nutshell, that's about it, I guess.  I've had GERD for 16 years and now take Pantoloc for it, every day.  I've gone from an attack every few days to one every 3 months or so.
Good luck, and I hope that helps.
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Well, I haven't actually been diagnosed with gerd yet, I have an appt. the end of May with a gastroenterologist. But I'm pretty sure I have reflux because I get a burning in my throat when I overeat, especially spicy food or coffee. I feel like my stomache is filled with air much of the time, like there's a huge burp but it's stuck, and when I burp little bits of food come up, sometimes it's very bitter or sour, awful. I often am nauseous, and I have diahrea alot too. Sometimes it hurts in the pit of my stomach, maybe I have an ulcer too. I take alot of pills for a chronic condition and the new one from the cardiologist is making my stomach worse. It's a calcium channel blocker and I looked it up on the internet, it relaxes the smooth muscle, something to do with the thing that keeps food from coming back up from the stomach. Oh yeah, and I can't stand anything around my neck, it feels like a lump in my throat. I've had these symptoms for the last ten years (but worse now since the cardizem) and wasn't really concerned with it, just ate tums like candy. But since coming to this board I decided I better get it checked as I've learned that you can get a Barrets esophagus, and my uncle has esophagus cancer and another one died of a highly hereditary polyp colon cancer.
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I know with Gerd : the doctor said for some wieght loss, No caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, mint, spice, over eating and sleeping after a meal.
I am trying DGL to help with heartburn: 3 days and hoping it will start. As for Lactose and or dairy , I never drink milk, or ice cream But cream cheese gave me heartburn.
Heres to a healed tummy and no more heat and pain.
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Dear Kaytiebaybie,    As I've discovered, there can be many different symptoms of GERD.  I recently began treatment for what my doctor is assuming is GERD and my symptoms (although I may have had "silent gerd" for several years, because some of my problems were not associated with it because I thought GERD meant "heartburn") are/were, dry throat at night, coughing, excessive belching, lump in my throat sensations (made worse by the stress of worrying that something was more seriously wrong), chest discomfort (but not heartburn)and breathing difficulty.  I even went and had testing for allergies and asthma because I thought I had these.   It wasn't until after my doctor had me try taking Prevacid (which I didn't think was working and I stopped taking it after 3 weeks, cold turkey) that I developed the burning up into my throat during the night.  I "think" I may have stopped the Prevacid too abruptly and caused this, though.   Anyway, I went back on the Prevacid after this scare and have been taking it for almost 4 weeks now...but because of the side effects I'm having from it, I decided to wean myself off this time, while trying natural methods to control the reflux (DGL, aloe vera juice, Pro-Biotics, etc. and raising the head of our bed 5-6 inches).   I also am trying to watch what I eat and not eat 2-3 hrs before bed.   I found many on this forum to be so helpful in sharing their stories and it has helped me cope.  Does any of this sound like something you're experiencing?    Best of luck and good health to you!  needabreak
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my symptoms were firstly a pain under my left rib...2 months after that the sickness started...6 months after that heartburn and pains between the shoulder blades...a few months after that I had fundo and now I am symptom free
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What is fundo Sue?

Cheers, Steve.
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I am 34 and was in the hopital for what we thought was my heart twice, but the doctor now has me on Protonix he thinks that I might have gerd, my simptoms are a lump feeling in my throught that when I swallow feels like is scraping something else, bad pain in middle of chest upper back and lower throught, this pain has not gone away have had it for 2 weeks not all day and night, nothing makes it better and nothing makes worse, I have only been taking th Protonix for not even a week, so I guess what everyone is discribing is what I have also so if is gerd here are some symptoms, but i tell you what the pain you get in your chest and upper middle back sure feels like a heart attack to me....good luck every one...
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