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Symptoms question..

long time lurker (help!)..

Last August I went to Europe, about a month later I came back feeling tired, short of breath, stomach cramps, nausia, chills and anxiety with lower abdominal aches below belly button)

found white blood cells in the urine (uti?), and after a round of sulfazole/trimethrope (bactim I think it's called) I had to stop after only 3 days because of severe side effects (almost felt like bladder was twitching non-stop, joint pain, MAJOR NAUSEA)

went on:
8 days of tequil
14 days of avelox

white blood cells disapeared but I ended up with severe diarerra which ended me in the ER room in jan, the doctor listened to my story and gave me Flagyl because he "put his money on c. difficle" even though later on my stool test came up negative for c. difficle./giardia, pain shifted to lower left quad.

On the 8th day of flagyl my symptoms other than the terrible side effects of flagyl left me (I was so happy :) ) but then entire upper abdomen swelled with pressure/discomfort.

Fast fowarding,my pain and moved up to now the bottom left rib and front upper left rib stomach area.

current symptoms are: Fatique, anxiety, upper left pain (2out of 10 I'd say) small upper right that comes and goes (colicky) and minor nausea, can't sleep, i sleep on the right side (less pain). Fatty foods doesn't bother me but I get full easily. nausea is less now. slight discomfort below belly button and small parts of stool float. No diareerea. Sometimes mid gastric discomfort. Soda seems to irritate stomach bad.

august - europe
sept. - dull ache bellow belly button
oct. - dull ace bellow belly button and left side hard metamucel, leixpro, protonix, bactim or bactrim, postive white blood cells diaherrra, nasuea
nov. - ache bellow belly button and lower left quad..tequil or tequin, negative CT scan for kidney stones, negative blood, positive white blood cells in urine again, nausea,
dec. - dihareea..avelox, negative white blood cells, nausea
jan. - ER room, negative stool, negative blood, negative urine, given flagyl, constipation, still pain lower left. Tested negative for cloridium difficile, nausea
feb. - colonoscopy - negative but redness near rectum (from prep or procitis), nausea
mar. - rowasa (melasine enema), pain lower left softer but still there and right increasing, upper right side pain mild.. Major Nausea. Went on hyocyamine 0.375 ertab ethe. ER Room, negative cat scan, negative blood, negative urine. went on zelnorm.
April - Upper endo. - negative but no biops taken (?), learned if I constanltly eat.. nausea goes down.
May- ultrasound of gallbladder/pancreas (negative), negative celiac disease test, negative stool tests.

scheduled for a Hida scan on the 1st but after second opinion (examination) i was told propably not gb, i'm waiting for my enzyme blood test for pancreatitis results and are taking 2 teaspoons of fiber daily. ER room said IBS but I used to be a runner, no smoke/drinker any ideas?? male/28
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You have had a pretty comprehensive evaluation for your symptoms, including both a lower and upper endoscopy.  This would rule out many of the major GI disorders that can lead to your symptoms (i.e. infection, masses, ulcers, etc.).

The ultrasound is an appropriate evaluate of the liver and gallbladder.

I agree with the HIDA scan to evaluate gallbladder function.  I would also consider a CT scan to further evaluate for any organ dysfunction.

More specialized tests can be considered if the symptoms continue.  This can include a gastric emptying scan looking for gastroparesis as well as esophageal motility studies to evaluate for motility disorders.  

These optios can be discussed with your GI physician.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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ps: my wait time for my GI specialist is 5 weeks between doctor visits.. i've only been in his office once that's why i'm posting
thanks in advance.
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have you had a hepatites panel done with your blood work to rule these out?...
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I don't *think* so.. i'm looking for any advice.. I might ask for that, also I'm not sure if I've ever been tested for H.Ploryi (you'd think after all the tests I would have.. )

it's hard to say because i've done so many tests and i'm not sure what they're testing for.  But i'll look into that.
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fact that's a pretty good idea, thanks. :) keep em rollin'
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Matthew, this is just a thought, but have you been tested for giardia? It is an intestinal parasite. Because of the life cycle, it doesn't alwasy show positive in a stool sample. My son had it and was very ill. He was finally diagnosed based on symptoms alone. He had nausea and vomiting for 4 weeks straight and ended up on IV fluids in the ER. He was given flagyl and was better almost immediately. He contracted it after a trip to Canada. You mentioned travelling to Europe, so I'm wondering if you could have picked it up there?

Linda J.
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I'm with Linda j....parasitic infections are common, hardly looked for in the medical testing.  Also as she stated, common to have false negatives - GI Panel by Diagnos-Techs is best.
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Thanks Kevin and u2 who replied (well everyone who replied)

yeah they tested for giardia a few times stool wise and c. difficile but you're right i've heard it is sometimes hard to detect.  I went on Flagyl and did feel much better by the 8th day and everything went downhill after that.

I just took more tests and hopefully the doctors will find something soon.  This site has helped me out with researching and i'll reply the finding and keep people up to date.  Hopefully nobody else out there is suffering like I have been.

Thanks again.
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I have woken up again, with what I believe is a Galstone (galbladder) attack,  It started last night with a burning type of back ache, in between my shoulder blades, and now is in my stomach.  I have a burning type of feeling and burping in my chest and throat. My doctor did tests, and a ultra sound, and said there were 2 very small stones there which were probably the cause of my symptoms.  I decided to wait awhile before going back to my doctor, as he suggested if it became a problem, I would be better off having my gallbladder out. What do you think? I heard there was a home remedy that may fix the problem?  Does anyone know what that is please. I would appreciate any help or advise. Thanks, Ina
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I think you have to start a new thread to get a response from the doctor - but having said that I hear olive oil/lemon juice mix or apple juice can flush out your gallbladder (but don't quote me on that).  I think if you google looking for that info you'll find it.

I'd get a ultrasound if you haven't already.  Good luck :S
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woops disregard what I said about everything (ha) re-read your post.
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hi...2 months ago i started to feel nausia and have dhiria...its happened after i started a diet...which i lost 25 pounds...anyways....did some tests and found out that i have H-ploryi....took the medication the anti-boitics for 3 days one of them biaxin....this medication where horrible...anyways...its been 2 days since i finished the mediction and i feel the same nothing changed....so my questions are....did anybody feel nausia from h.ploryi??? and how long did it take you to feel better after finishing the mediction
thanks alot
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Hi, ive read your post on your condition.I hope the doctors have found the cause for your prolong illness.It seems like youve been through a series of exams of testings.For i have similiar conditions as your and have went to many doctors to find out the cause to why im feeling pressure and pain below left ribs.Ive done an upper gi chest xray ultrasound of bladder breathing test and so on.They found small amount of blood in urine off and on.But never gave me an explanation to that. Docs found my stomache to me a reddish a little swollen when they did the endocopy and found lo white cells.I just wanted to know if u had any conditions as mine, such as ribs cracking when u take a deep breath or even slightly move your arms? Or like a twitch feeling below ribs near the left hip.Did your condition start off with excrutiating heartburns.if any is reading this ad and have any thoughts or comments please feel free to email me at ***@**** been undiagnosed for more then 2 years and im very desperate to get to bottom of this.Id really appriciate your help and concerns.Thank you all in advance.


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