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Unable to have a BM without using an enema

  I am a 27 year old female who can't have a BM without using an enema.  My stool is soft because I drink plenty of liquid, take stool softeners and fiber supplements.  I have had many tests such as a colonoscopy, EMG, defagram, colon transient study, upper and lower GI's, ultrasounds, and anal manometry.  I have had a colon resection and rectocele repair to try and correct the problem but all of this with no success.  I can't remember the name of what I have been diagnosed with, but it comes down to my anal muscle will not relax to let stool pass.  When I bear down as to have a BM the muscle contracts instead of relaxing.  I have been to biofeedback sessions which did not help and I have been told that this is the only thing that can be done for me.  I refuse to give up hope and I also refuse to believe that in this day and age doctors can transplant a heart but no one knows how to get a muscle to relax.  PLEASE HELP !!!! Any info about this would be great.
Dear AM,
I assume that the tests outlined in your posting were normal.  The syndrome that you describe, contraction of the anus during defecation, is called anismus.  Biofeedback is the recommended therapy.  I suggest that you make additional appoinments for biofeedback therapy.  You may also want to see a colorectal surgeon, although I do not think that surgery would be an option.
This information i spresented for educational purposes.  Always consult your personal physician for specific medical questions.
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