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Uncontrollable gas - foul smelling

I feel bloated all the time, no matter what I eat and have uncontrollable flatulence
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Irritable bowel syndrome, malabsorption, inflammatory bowel disease as well as various colonic infections can lead to the symptoms you describe.  

Testing the stool for fat malabsorption as well as blood tests looking for celiac disease can be considered.  A lower endoscopy - such as a colonoscopy or flexible sigmoidoscopy - can evaluate the lower bowel for infection or inflammation.

If bacterial overgrowth is suspected, this can be tested via a specialized breath test or jejunal aspiration.

These options can be discussed with your personal physician or in conjunction with a gastroenterologist.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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I have a strong suggestion: Go to the nearest grocery store and purchase Raspberry Tea go home and make it and drink it plain cold or warm 2 x a day. I promise your prayers will be answers after the first couple of cups. Good Luck!
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I have had Crohn's long time now but I notice that when it is active I have foul smelling faeces and breath. My gastro says I have bacterial overgrowth in the intestines and has prescribed Cipro, which is working. You may want to try it.
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Thanks for the suggestion on IBS, malabsorption, and Crohn.
Actually the surgeon that removed my gallblader -- I had stones -mentioned I probably had IBS, which made me feel terrible, like saying, sorry your gallblader was not the cause, but now, let's try IBS... I felt insulted, and instead of going back to treat IBS, I went to a Naturopathy Doctor (ND).
The ND recommended stuff to grow my GI linen, which I've been taken for 45 days, but without success to erradicate foul-smelling gas and bloating.
I'm reading IBS for Dummies, and probably I have Candida Albicans overgrowth, according to some of my symptoms: Overuse of antibiotics; Sugar,Bread,Alcohol cravings; Athletes Foot and Jock Itch; acne; bad breath; low energy; depression.
The diet is avoiding: Sugars -- fruit included --; bread; alcohol; cofee; saccharine or aspartame; wheat.
I think is working because the gas decreased, but I'll see what happens later.
I'll keep you posted.
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I had colon surgery may of last year and in december had a somach wrap for gastro problems,etc. Since that time I have had severe gas in the upper stomach, foul smelling, it is sooo annoying. I have not been to the doctor as I have had enough of doctors right now with all the surgery. I did go in March about the gas, and the only thing the surgeon said was it was because I was swallowing too much air. But, I am eating the same way I was before. I have blamed it on the surgeries, but I would love to know what I could do to stop it. I am fine during the night and first thing in the morning, but when I start eating anything, I think I could send a car from one end of the USA to the opposite end. I liked the comment that one person said about the raspberry tea. I am going to try that, also your comment about the sugar, wheat, coffee, etc. If you should find out anything else I would appreciate any info.
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I just wanted to thank you.. it makes me feel relieve to know im not alone.. please keep posting your successes/failures as i will do the same..For many of us out there are fed up with living in shame.
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Raspberry tea didn't work for me, but it's tasty.
I had better results with Fennel and Ginger teas ,which calm down the intestines.

I bought the book the 'Yeast Connection', and I find useful information and I confirmed some yeast problems thru a questionnaire in this book, plus the saliva test I mentioned before. I also check my ph level in urine and saliva using ph Strips, and are acidic, which is a good environment for the yeast.

Doing web research I found 'Threelac' an anti-yeast product, manufactured in Japan. I started to  take it 2 days ago, and I still haven't noticed any changes; the directions mention an average of 10 days to see results.

Yesterday I ended my 2-week diet and ate bread and sugar. immediatly had gas, so at least I know maybe I also might have developed a wheat allergy, and it manifests in my gut as gas and cramps. I'll be back on the diet, to see whether is sugar or carbohidrates what is causing my gas problem.
However, I think even with flatulence decreased, Ithink I still smell bad, as I observe my coworker reactions when they're close to me.

Next Friday I'll have a follow-up with my ND, I'll let you know what he says, and anyways I'm planning to get back to my PCP, to get a referal to a Gastro Doctor.

I'll keep you informed, and I appreciate your comments and your empathy in this very painful situation.

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I recently decided to try Pepcid as I took that before I had my stomach wrap for acid reflux problem. I had no idea that it would help, but it has worked somewhat for me. I take 1 2X day. It has made me a lot more comfortable. I am not saying I don't have gas, but it is not all the time like it was. Before the Pepcid, I was having rumblings and feelings like something very large was moving around in my upper intestine and flip flopping. It was miserable. The Pepcid has worked in that area. It was explained to me that when I had the stomach wrap that the acid would go down rather than up like it had been. So, I figured, if I still had the acid, and it went down, that maybe acid reflux medicine would help. And it seems to help.
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ey Tony.....thank God im not the only one.....i thought i was alone....hoever i have the exact same problem..

WE HAVE TO FIND A CURE.  Because my life sucks because of this....i have to sacrifice going out with friends, family, and even school.   Itry to fake sick sometimes just to avoid smelling.

Its really plaguing our lives, but we should find a cure.  I have to compromise my eating habbits.  Everyday i eat lunch at school, and come home around 4.  I then have to eat what ever i can to fill me up.....from there i starve myself the rest of the night - because all teh food that i ate during the day is being digested and turned into poop.. then it takes around 12/ more hours for my body to release it...however it doesnt come out easy.....*THIs may sound WEIRD*  i actually pump water in my rectum/ intestine to force a bowel movement/fully clean the intestine....however i cant pump alot to get my entire colon........

It seemed to have worked for a couple of years.....but im starting to doubt that technique and am insearch of another solution....

I understand tony....we just wanna be normal...live a normal life...interact.....do Normal THings.....I guess we were plagued with this disease or w/e for a reason.

But lets do some research, keep in touch, and help each other out in this epidemic.
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HI Chris,
Today I went to see the Naturopath and I discussed my reserach on Candidiasis and the poor man's tests I did to validate it and he agreed I have Candida Albicans overgrowth.

He initially prescribed me probiotics, as he thought I had IBS, but the treatment didn't help, so the next step was Candida overgrowth, which has very similar symptoms as IBS and Liver/Gallbladder issues: Cramps; bloating; excesive gas (foul-smelling)

I did 3 tests:
1) The Saliva test: saliva on a glass of water; strings, speckes or precipitation indicate possible Candida.
2) pH Test. I got Ph strips for $8 and tested saliva and urine; my Ph was acidic 3.8 ~ 6.0 which is a good environment for yeast.
3) I bought the 'Yeast Connection' book -- used ad Amazon -- and answered the candida questionnaire ( you can find it at http://cassia.org/candida.htm )

Dr Kevin mentioned I might have Chrohn or IBD, but the ND told me I don't have that as I don't have blood in my stool or chronic diarrhea.

The ND gave me a bunch of stuff to kill the Candida, and other parasites, and also Bowel Cleanser and Liver Cleanser.

I'll start Tomorrow with this anti-candida regime for 60 days.

The bad thing of Natural medicine is not Insurance-covered and can be a bit expensive, but after suffering for about 1 year, I'll do whatever it takes to recover my life back.

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wow sounds like good news Tony.
I hope it works out, because if it does,we will be able to live a normal life again :)  

My Summer vacation for school is about to start, and i wanna try anything to see if anything works or not.  

Tony u gotta keep me posted i need to know if i too have and overgrowth of candida.

Hope you are sucessful with this treatment
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Can anyone help me please? I have real bad gas and I don't know what to do about it. I pass gas and don't know it untill someone passes by saying what's that smell. I don't want to sit by anyone I hate going out in public. I have got so that I'm losing my hair worrying about this.
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yea shaja we feel your pain..............We suffer from the exact same thing, and since you're here, you're obviously in search of help on the internet

I actually went to the doctor and all he said was to eat more veggies in my diet, however that ******* thinks he knows everything and jumped to conclusions and didnt seem to take this matter seriously

Thats why i am lookin forward to Tony's treatment of his candida or w/e he is on.

If there is no cure, life blows and suicide awaits me.

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Hey christopher06 its good to know I'm not alone in this. I know there's a cure out there for us. We have to keep the faith and maybe we're going threw this to help others.  It get hard real hard but I know we all we come out of this together.
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Im Just curious........how long have you guys actually had this problem?

i think ive had my entire life.....but i think i started noticing it in the 5th grade

what about you guys?
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I think I had it all my life I think the older I get the worst it gets. I go the the doctor on Friday I pray that he can help me. Its killing my social life whats left of it. I've got to the point that I'm thinking about writing Oprah.
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I started noticing the problem of gas at the end of high school. But didn't really pay much attention to it. I am curious to why these symptoms produces a gas that only we can smell. Its also interesting that my best friend doesn't even notice the smell. I'm thinking our noises built immunes to the odor. The muscle sensations around my groin area is also a mystery to me. These problems become greater once I start thinking about it and most of the time it starts when surrounded by people in quiet atomospheres. Tell me! why does it strike at vulnerable situations. It hasn't help my dating life much either, ive recently lost the girl of my dreams after all the efforts i put in getting her. She didnt' say anything but i know it was because of my excessive gas. Atleast i got to kiss her, but im not satisfied. Im athletic; I eat well; i excercise; and dont drink soda but on some occasion drink alcohol. Ive been told by my uncle, whose a doctor, that I had IBS. I was horrified at the idea beause IBS is all in your head anyways, so I'm hoping that this is not the case.

Ive tried tony's techniques and experience the one day flu symptoms. The problem still persist but im still going to stick to it. As for the herbal tea, ive notice it does calm down your intestines, doesn't solves it, only holds it off for a short time.
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In my case, the gas problem started one year ago.
I think stress+poor diet+change of diet(I'm not american)+no exercise triggered this damn disease in me.

As I said, last Friday I went with the Naturopath, and he agreed with my Candida research. He said Candidiasis is very tough, and needs to be treated very agresively to erradicate it once and for all. He said the diet helps, but proper medicine is what really helps.

The prescription was:
Yeast Treatment: To  Kill that ******* fungi
Colon Clease: To expell the dead candida and other nasty bugs. Also to loose impacted fecal matter.
Liver Cleanse: Candida hides in the liver, and it also gets toxic.
Anti-parasites: Just in case, besides, some parasites/bacterias in your gut can also produce gas
Fiber powder: To control diarrhea and make stool more consistent.
And of course diet: Zero Sugar; No Dairy; No Bread; limited fruit

After 4 days, I'm feelinf much better:
1) Less gas, well I realized if I cheat the diet, even slightly, gas will come. I also researched sulfur contents in food, and avoid sulfur-rich food, as sulfur is what makes our flatus stink.

2)Body Odor, also is getting better, my co-workers still complain, but much less, so I think it's working.

3) I'm expelling weird stuff in the Stool, white grains ( dead candida) and other stuff.

I think it's working, so I'll keep you posted.

As we all know, this damn disease destroys your emotional life, I'm trying to learn Meditation on my own -- I don't dare to take classes, because now I'm afraid of people, the rejection/comtempt really affects me --.
But now I don't feel alone, at least I feel liberated to be able to discuss my problem with you folks, who really understand me and I share your pain. I also have had dark thoughts...

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I want to know if there are any girls going threw this. This site really let me know that I'm not along. Tony your info really help me out on asking the doctor questions. I know I have to change my diet and sugar is one of my weakness.
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I'd like to ask some cultural questions for the american people.

I'm a male hispanic, 30's, SW engineer (US educated).
I live in New England, work for a large Financial company.

Can you explain to me some gestures I notice from americans when are close to me:
1) Coughing; nose twitching -- well, these are obvious --
2) Some grab their ears
3) some scratch their heads
4) Some pinch their faces
5) I notice comtempt from people who doesn't know me; those who know me, say forced hellos.

I think there is also some race factor, but it could be my imagination/paranoia.

Can you explain what these gestures mean?
Also, why nobody dares to say anything, or even complain to HR?
Are they afraid to start a legal discrimination issue?
I even asked to close people -- well used to be -- about my odor, and they say they cannot smell anything....

I even have asked to my PCP, Nurses, Gastro and Urologist, and they said the same: they cannot notice my odor, but I swear to God it's not my imagination...

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Tony either people around u are just trying to be nice.......
or they havent been around u long enough to smell it.

I noticed that my odor is not a constant smell.  Its basically comes out at random times, so maybe if u asked ur doctor on teh spot he might not have smelt anything because your body didnt release it AT that time.  

But it is not ur imaginatino because u have seen others react to your odor, and u sometimes smell it.  

I remember i asked my brother one time and he kept denying...and he finally said just alil.

you cant really confront people you know because they will always be nice to you; unless they're the type of people who speaks their mind.  

Also about forced hello's.  Maybe since we have this condition, we have not really been friendly/ascertive to people.  

I dunno thats just what i think

-by the way hows the treatment coming along? any progress?-
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only if we can take somekind of medicine that would neutralize the odor of ****.  

So lik if we release gas intentionally or accidentally, it would be odorless..... YOu can even **** in ur pants and people wont notice anything but your facial expression.

Or, another thing.  What if we take laxadives (the crazy one where u **** lik within an hour)  during the evening.....expell all/most of our stools at night, then the next day we should have a clean intestine which equals no smell...

I am so desperate for anything and im just coming up with random ideas.  I wish doctors would take this more seriously and take this into consideration of a serious epidemic.

But there must be a reason why we have this problem of releasing gas......There must be something in our digestive system that isnt controlling the gas...like a muscle or something that doesnt do its job.  

Also i would like to add that this disease or w/e sucks compare to anything else.  

For example if u have aids, you will die, but atleast u can make life worth while and live life to the fullest.  If you have cancer (depending on what kind), you are also enabled to associate with people.  Life is nothing without companions.  Our disease causes us to live a long and lonely life; and some might want to do the unthinkable-suicide.

Atleast this is how i feel about our disease.  No one will ever understand what we've gone through unless they experience it themselves.  I just wonder how we have the courage to live for the next day......This is so depressing. Atlease you guys are here to console with me.  

But all i have to say is that doctors jump to conclusions thinking they know your sympton and they really dont.  They dont take everything into consideration.  Doctors suck...we need a specialist in this forum.  

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I also tried an enema, and I felt better next day, less odor.
I bought a 2Q for $12 at Walgreens and used plain water, however you can use coffee, teas, yogurt, probiotics.
I think I'll try enemas once a week (Sunday night) as I read your intestines can become adicted if you do it frequently.
I've read laxatives can be addictive and on the long run weak the intestinal muscles and can lead to serious problems.

The naturopath's Candida prescription seems to work.
I also read that other causes for fecal breath/odor/gas can be:
- Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS)
- Bacterial Gut Infections, like Helicobacter Pylori which causes Ulcers and other diseases
- amino-acid defficiencies

What mostly convinced me of the odor was LGS, as its name implies, Candida roots (rhizoids) penetrate the intestinal mucus and allow candida and other bacteria toxins to reach the bloodstream and your lungs, so these toxins finally are excreted thru sweat, and finally is what you smell, even when you kill your skin's bacteria.
Candida causes LGS, but there are other causes; my plan is to stick to the Candida diet + Candida Killing Medicine.

A month ago I finished my Masters, and the last 2 semesters were really painful. Can you imagine to be in classroom, surrounded by 30+ people coughing, sniffing, twitching noses... I mentally disconnected, otherwise I'd had fled...

In my case, I know this disease won't kill me, but the psycho-social effect is devastating, and most of the people is not supportive, they just try to make you life miserable.

I also rented Meditation/Relaxation DVDs at Netflix, as I need some way to carry this heavy cross on my back; I even have lost my faith in god... but I have to go on.

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That's one thing we can't do is lose our faith. If we keep on praying God will give us the answer. I know we want it now and we are all saying why me. I have to pray about this everyday. I was at work the other day and a empty seat was next to me but this lady refuse to sit there. I know why she didn't sit there she just made an excuse that she like to be closer to end. I just went to the bathroom and cried. I hate going to work because people can be so mean only if they knew what we are going threw. I consider myself to be a very clean person so I know its not taking care of my body. I know theres something for us we will be normal again.
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