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Undigested Food in Bowel Movements

Subject: Undigested Food in Bowel Movements

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For several years, I have experienced undigested food in bowel movements. The primary culprits are vegatables(i.e. corn, beans, lettuce, tomatos) and nuts. I recently had a gall bladder attack that lasted several days and included expulsion of bilirubin with the bowel movements. Also have frequent movements with mucus. Ultrasound shows no problems. Liver enzyme test is high ALT(68). I rarely drink. My daughter suffers from malabsorption and takes Similace digestive enzymes after each meal. I am 30 years old and also experience persistent discomfort in my lower right side and lower intestines. Almost all bowel movements are accompanied by intense cramping of the lower intestines. What are some possible explanations and what can I do to alleviate these symptoms? Thanks!!!

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