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Upper Abdominal Pain

Hello, for about just over 3 weeks now I have had this upper just below the chest bone a pressure,gnawing type pain. Bad thing is that I have had this before over 2 and a half years ago; and about 7 months ago, both just went away. Now its back again and its lasting longer. I went to my regular physican Dr. she took a stool sample and there was no blood in my stool, she put me on Protonix which seems to do nothing. Another bad thing is that there is no other symptoms other then the pressure pain in the upper abdomen region, sometimes it go to my right side and to my back. Another thing is it comes and gos all the time. Sometimes I won't be there for hours then it will come back for about a hour or two, it doesn't seem to get any worst. I'm so tired of trying to figure this out. I have no insurance and its so hard to be running alot of tests. I have already went to a GI Dr. he just gave me more Protonix and wants me to come back in a month to run a scope down my stomach, he thinks I may have a stomach ulcer. The scope thing is 700 dollars. Do you have any other things that this could be? There is so many things that could happen in the abdominal region. Thank you.

By the way I have not lost any weight. I'm eating regular. No vomiting. Stool sometimes changes colors. I have been drinking the heck out of Gaviscon and Mylanta and nothing works.

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I would consider some sort of imaging test to look for ulcers or inflammation of the upper digestive tract.

If the endoscopy is not feasible, an upper GI series can be considered.  

I would also consider a blood test looking for H Pylori - a bacteria associated with ulcers and upper GI inflammation.

These options can be discussed with your personal physician or gastroenterologist.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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For the cost of that scope, you could get several months of insurance. You could also consider a state funded health program if you think you qualify. It sounds like gallbladder trouble.
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I am having the same problem as a previous posting.  I have pain in my abdominal area, sometimes around my navel and sometimes around my upper abdominal area, it almost feels like it is right under my ribcage. It also hurts in my back sometimes lower, upper and middle of back.  It also feels uncomfortable at times when I take a deep breath. Its not really pain but it feels full, its very weird.  I was diagnosed with gastritis last year, but this is not the same pain.  I am so worried that have something serious, and have not been able to sleep.  I am going to the doctor on Tuesday to see what is going on .  I am just worried because I have horrible insurance and If i have to have tests performed I will have to pay out of pocket.
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Hello, I know how you feel. I go to doctor after doctor with no results. I have no insurance so most of the doctors really don't want to do any tests on me. I have been dealing with this now for almost 4 weeks. I'm suppose to have a upper GI with the endoscope sometime in mid April; but in the mean time I'm still battling this weird fullness in my mid to upper abdomen and the pain in my mid to lower back. For me I'm just trying to trust in God for the help He is the only one that really knows what is going on with me. You do sound like your in the same boat I'm in. See I had this samething about 2 years ago and after around 3 doctors visits and 3 weeks pasting it just went away. Then It came back in Sept. of 05 then two weeks later gone again. This one has been almost 4 weeks with no going away. I am a struggler of Anxiety to so it's been really hard. Thanks for the comments. God bless.
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I have similar symptoms for more than 3 yrs, None of the tests/scans point to anything wrong, However if I follow the SCD diet, I feel better and symptoms reduce.
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I too have suffered for many years and get to feel like it is all in my head when I am trying to get answers, IBS is a term that used to be called spastic colon, which I was diagnosed with many years ago and now it is called IBS, IBS is actually a term given to something that science hasn't caught up with yet, they don't know what it is or what causes it, but they have to give it a name, personally I think the only thing that can't be seen on the scans etc is wind, not just normal wind but trapped and painful wind, however how can wind be found to be the problem? it is invisible, anyway I started using activated charcoal tabs when an episode comes on and it seems to ease the problem for a while, hope this helps
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