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Upper Esophageal Stricture

  My mother had cancer of the thyroid gland 25 years ago.  The gland was removed and radiation treatment followed.  She is 52 years of age.
  As a result of the treatment she now has fibrous growth in the area.  She has repeated narrowing of the upper esophageas which results in choking, breathing and swallowing problems.  She has had dilation several times but with limited success.  She has also lost most mobility in her left arm.  The lump is located at the rear of the esophageas - voice box height.
  My question is there any other surgery/treatment available which may help her as she is hopitalised for long periods and her quality of life is poor?
  Thank you
  Kelvin Smith
Dear kekvin,
Without seeing x-rays or endoscopy, it is difficult to provide information regarding the stricture.  It is possible to provide adequate nutrition through a gastrostomy tube.  This feeding tube can be placed by a radiologist or a gastroenterologist if an endoscope can pass the esophageal narrowing.  Food is passed down this tube directly into the stomach, bypassing the esophagus.
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