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Upper GI Pressure, pancreatitis and divriticulitis.

Here is my recent history.. I had upper GI pressure about 2 months ago.  It seemed to subside and a few days later I got lower left groin pain.  I go to my doctor who does some blood work and my Pancreatic enzymes come back several times normal.. Dr. sends me for a CT and they say I have divreticulitis.   The pancreas looks normal, splean slightly enlarged.  Dr. says I also have Pancreatitis, but can't in any way relate the 2 together.  Put me on Levaqui and Flagil.  Seems to make things better for a while. Continue to have blood work drawn and the pancreatic numbers continue to fall, but the liver enzymes are slightly elevated.. Have a colonoscopy done and all is OK per the Dr., only a small benign polop.  

I started getting the Upper GI pressure again about a week and a half ago.  Go in for blood work and numbers look OK.  Go in for another CT and there is only some "residual" swelling due to the divriticulitis.  Have a Hypobilliary with CCK done and results come back normal.  Going in next week for a endoscopy anthing I should ask/look for.. Any ideas to relate these symptoms?

I notice the symptoms are more pronounced when sitting.  Seem to go away at night, when I am laying down.  I don't feel the acid coming up in my throat, like reflux.  I have noticed (and people hae even said something) when I eat I feel my stomach gets distended.  I am very gassy and sometimes feel like it would help to burp, but can't.  I am male and 42 years old.
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You have had a pretty comprehensive evaluation.  

I agree with the upper endoscopy.  This would rule out several upper GI disorders like an ulcer, GERD, or inflammation of the upper digestive tract.  

To further evaluate the pancreas, an MRI of the abdomen, or an MRCP can be performed to look at the biliary ducts.  

More specialized tests can be considered if the results continue to be non-revealing.  This can include a 24-hr pH study (to rule out GERD) and a gastric emptying scan (to look for gastroparesis).

These options can be discussed with your personal physician.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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Had a sonogram done that showed no issues with the pancreas or bile ducts.
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Here is my history.  Jan. to March of 06' I had constant nausea and urq pain.  I had my gallbladder out March 20,2006.  Still felt urq pressure/discomfort.  went to Gastro. Dr. in July 06'.  Had endoscopy Aug.06' and that was fine.  The Dr. said we could do more tests and I said no.  I wanted to believe it was all in my head!  Had to go back to Dr. in Oct.06'.  The discomfort was worse.  I had a Hida scan done.  It showed my sphincter of oddi wasn't working right.  Dec.1,06' I had an ERCP (sphincterotomy) done.  HORRIBLE!!  I had acute pancreatitis right after the procedure!! Worst 7 days of my life!! I still had discomfort. 5 weeks later,Jan. 06', I was back in the hospital for 3 days with elevated pancreas enzymes. Painful! I had a colonoscopy a week ago and that was normal. Now, I am going to have an MRI of abdomen and MRCP done this Thurs. to look at the biliary ducts and make sure they are ok.  Next week I am scheduled for a Gastric emptying test.  All this because I have ruq pressure/discomfort,full feeling.  My stomach gets distended when I eat.  It's an odd feeling.  Nothing seems consistant. I've tried to connect it with WHAT I eat but there doesn't seem to be a connection. It's WHEN I eat but not always!  Very frustrating.   My stomach feels better when it's empty, except for the hunger pains.  I am also more uncomfortable when I sit too. I am a 39 yr. old female.  I would like to know how your situation turns out. Good Luck.
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Your symptoms sound very similar to mine.. I am going for an endoscopy this afternoon..
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Hit enter to fast..  I am going for an endoscopy this afternoon.  I will report back if they find anything...Thanks.
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Got the upper endoscopy today and of course they found nothing obvious.  The Dr. took several biopsies and will report back to me on any findings.
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