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Upper Gastric IBS/ Anxiety

I suffer from mild Globus/ acid refux and stomach bloating.

I control the reflux with small, regular meals, Omeprazole and Gaviscon.

The stomach distension arises between meals and can be actually relieved by light snacks.

NB: The bloating causes or at least enhances my breathing distress, which is unpleasant. The respiratory problems are bad when I'm bloated and dissappear when my stomach deflates.

I have seen my GP, a Gastroenterologist and will be seeing a Pulmonologist soon.

My chest X-Ray is clear and my peak flow good.

It is thought the problems are caused by ambient anxiety.


Thank for your kind attention...

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Tests to ensure there isn't any clear cause, other than IBS, should be considered first.  These would include an upper endoscopy, 24-hr pH study, and ultrasound to evaluate for any upper GI tract inflammation, ulcer, GERD or liver/gallbaldder disease.  Specifically, the 24-hr pH study should be considered to definitively rule out GERD, which can cause shortness of breath.

If negative, then IBS may be considered.  You may want to discuss whether treatment with antispasmodics may be considered in your case.  A pulmonary consult to evaluate for non-GI causes of the shortness of breath is also recommended.  

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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have you noticed how much sodium galvascan have??
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Yes, thank you Yoshi, for your kind contribution...but I'm rather more concerned about not being able to breath.
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You need to address the anxiety and the other problems will resolves themselves. I know because I've had the bad bloating with shortness of breath. It's pure anxiety and you need to take a course to deal with it and eliminate it. Try this course. You won't regret it.

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Hi...I entirely agree with what you say...I know it's anxiety and I know these are all physical symptoms. However, the bloating seems to be present with the slightest, ambient (background) anxiety and an ongoing feature of my emotional make-up. I did notice when I was particularly busy, totally engrossed and enjoying myself at a conference last week that it subsided somewhat...Thanks for your advice.
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Im certainly not saying your problem is all from anxiety..But, if you think it is I wondered if you had ever tried "Guided Imagery" as a way to reduce stress and to learn relaxation technics? Many of the bigger hosp. offer them to Pts. who are dealing with a serious illness or in preparation of surgery...I find them very useful and many people use them for pain control. I have a very good friend that uses hers every week when she has her chemo treatments....The ones I have used, given to me by the hosp., are titled "Guided Imagery for Stressful Times"....Just thought I would mention that....Before anyone can attribute physical symptoms being caused by stress I think all possible physical illnesses should be ruled out...Tessa
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You know this weekend i was very short of breath and TERRIFIED i went to the Dr. and he ruled everything out, then i noticed when i wasn't thinking about how I was breathing I was breathing fine, it's when i actually thought about it is when i started having trouble breathing.  Took me 3 days to realize the pattern and today I am fine :)  I know bloating makes me feel short of breath also.  I hope you feel better soon it can be so scary .
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Thanks Tessa...I'll investigate GUIDED IMAGERY further...
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Yes...I agree...when you're focused on other things the problems seem to go away or at least diminish! Unfortunately, I spend alot of time in a situation where I can dwell upon things. That's when the anxiety and associated physical symptoms get a grip. I am sure if I had both a highly mentally and physically challenging life I'd be fine !!!
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What's guided imagery?
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Sorry...haven't got a clue myself, but it may (?) be somethin' to do with taking an imaginary stroll through a relaxing make-believe land of flowers, butterflies and sweet chirping birds...
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gas and water retained in your body cause bloatness,thats why i mention if you notice the amount of sodium in galvescan.
you did not mention the dosage of galvescan and generic prilosec you are taking,i know the OTC 20 mg prilosec is not enough for some folks.have you tried GAS-X or EXTRA strength Gas-x which neutralise gas in your body?? if it works,that says you have gas in your body.
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