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Weird Colon ?

Posted By Clara Keil on October 24, 1998 at 12:28:48:

After having discomfort in the general abdomen area with occasional pain not always in the same place and changes in bowel movements, sometimes soft sometimed hard, severe bloating and daily gas, I consulted a kinesiologist over a period of time.
I was informed in February that last August, she had detected and treated me for cancer. She also confirmed that I still had a growth, which I personally felt I did.
I did some serious self healing on mental and emotional levels and felt that the growth had gone, but still feel some discomfort though no pain.
Recently I went to see a doctor for Insurance reasons and discussed my problems with him. He was very open and worried that I may have cancer. I went for a barium enema and a scan. the results were that they found a cyst in my ovary, 2 hemangiomas (4 and 1 cm in size). In the colon area, they found NO growths, but the ascending colon and the sigmoid colon are straight and thin tubes. The transverse colon is hanging loose, and there are loops at the top of the ascending colon, the end of the transverse colon and in the sigmoid colon.
The radiologist claims this is caused by abuse of laxatives. I have never taken laxatives except the night before to have the barium enema. My doctor reccomends a strict diet of fruit and vegetables - raw.
MY QUESTION - WHAT CAUSES THIS STRANGE SHAPE OF THE COLON ? I cannot accept that very meat eater suffers this effect ? What is this problem called ? What do you reccomend that I do ?
My own perception is that it is somehow caused by toxins inhaled? Is there any possible foundation to this perception?
Thank you. I await your answer with interest.
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