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What am I allowed to eat while having Gall Stones?

Hi, I have just found out i have gall stones and i just would like to know what am i allowed to eat while having them? doctor said no fatty foods? so what can i eat? and what can't i eat? if you could let me know please it would be great.

my email address is naughty_kristy2001***@**** plz email me ASAP!

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Are these instuctions to eat a low fat diet temporary until the stones pass, or is this a diet you will need to adopt for good?

Non fatty foods would be any fruits and vegetables (except avacados), skim milk, low or no fat dairy products (2% cheese), chicken or turkey white breast meat without the skin, pretzels, yogurt, rice, pasta, and spaghetti sauce to name a few.   Avoid nuts, butter, bakery products (except bread), fried foods of any kind, gravies, cream, red meats, most ice creams, salad dressings (unless labeled NO FAT), chips, and all fast food, etc.  Subway is the exception, you can actually get a low fat sub there!

The key is to reading the nutritional labels of EVERYTHING you buy, and looking for those products that contain 0-3 grams of fat.  Anything more than that, by the time you combine it with anything else you are out of the low fat category.

I am medically required to eat a low fat diet for life, I have a full page of diet tips and suggestions that I could send you if you care to email me directly.

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Would just like to add a few things in the diet area.  WOW! chips are fat free and 1/2 the calories.  There are red meats that are low in fat.  Seek those out and eat them if you'd like.  I have the butcher grind up sirloin into hamburger.  It's only about 2-3 grams of fat per burger or use in hamburger helper, spaghetti sauce etc.  Also, I eat low fat and non fat ice cream.  As far as fast food goes, you can eat any grilled chicken sandwich at the fast food places as long as you specify no MAYO...ask them to make it dry.  Most grilled chicken sandwiches only have 5-7 grams of fat if grilled and made with no mayo or cheese.  The one at Chic-fil-a only has 2 grams of fat if you ask for it to be dry and butter free.  Of course, no fries, but a soda is fine.

Just because you must eat a low fat diet, doesn't  mean that you must stop going to the places you like the best.  You just have to adjust your eating habits.  I make my own ranch salad dressing with fat free (Kraft)Mayo and fat free Milk.  Tastes better than the high fat ones and makes a great veggi dip.  If going to a reastuarant, I bring a little baggie of it with me, so I can eat a salad with the rest of my family.  You may feel silly at first, but believe me, you'll get used to it.  I keep it in my purse until the salad comes.  I ask for it to be dry.  And pour it on myself.

Use your imagination and you will find, there is a world of foods out there just waiting to be eaten.  And try to think of it not as a diet, but the correct way of eating.  When you get right down to it, it really is the best way to feed and fuel your body.

Good luck,
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Thankyou for your reply's.

I dont know if you have heard of them or not but i have brough Rice Cakes. They are low in fat and yummy! I looked at the supermarket and found some low fat stuff. But i got told i can eat veggies and fruit? Apple juice is best i have heard also. I guess if i get the pains back from eating something then i know not to eat it again.

The doctor told me no fatty foods and spicy foods. But i guess if i boil my chicken then it would be better. Maybe even Chicken Soup?  I thought rice had NO fat?

Anyway thankyou both for your reply.. It did give me some stuff to think about and I'll be going back to my doctor tomorrow to see what he can do for me.  I think i have to wait on a waiting list at the hospital i will be going to to either get them crushed so they dissolve in me or get them taken out if they are too big.

Thanks again!
Take care.
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Am i allowed to eat chocolate and cakes? any sweets?
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I have moderate to severe Cronic Pancreatitis.  I have already been through gallstones.  I can tell you this.  I eat rice...ALOT!  I love it.  I have no problems with it.  I also eat milky way lite bites.  I gram of fat per bite.  Of course you can eat sweets, in moderation.  And if it hurts, then don't eat that again for awhile.  Everyone "cheats" in their diet and lifestyle eating habits.  If we didn't, we wouldn''t be human.  I will, on occasion, have a few french fries.  And fried foods are VERY bad for me.  

When I have chicken, I bake it.  I use butter flavor Pam sprayed on a baking sheet.  Take 1 pound or more of boneless, skinless chicken breasts.  You can either use water or 1 egg.  The egg has protein, an important part of a diet.  Have flavored bread crumbs in a bowl and season it with garlic salt, season salt or regular salt.  Roll the chicken in the bread crumbs, dip it in the egg and then back into the bread crumbs.  Gives a double coating effect.  The spray a little more Pam on the chicken and bake it in the oven, turning once.  Serve with green beans and chicken flavoered rice.  Use no butter in cooking the rice.  Spray Pam on the rice and brown it that way.  Always use Pam in place of oil.  Fat content: 4-5 grams of fat for the whole dinner.

I bake my boneless center cut pork chops the same way.  Rice pilaf with that, no oil, use Pam.  And a veggie.  And you have a dinner that is about 5 grams of fat TOTAL.  There are many ways to cut down the fat in your diet.  My family doesn't have to eat the way I do, but since I am the cook, they have no choice.  They have lost weight and love the way I cook now.  In fact, when I "close" my eyes and allow them to eat a meal of anything they choose, they usually have tummy aches after eating.  Their body is not use to eating higher fat foods anymore.

Kristy,  I say eat what you want, within moderation and with in the low fat restrictions.  Splurge if you feel the need too.  You may have a little pain afterward, but only you will know that after you eat.  I am not saying go hog wild and do what you want.  That would be reckless of me.  And having been where you are now, I would NEVER say that.  Juat follow the simple guide lines for better and more healthy eating and you will be fine.  And remember, if something is truely low fat, it will have no more than 100 calories for 3 grams of fat.

Hope this helps,
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Thanks!!!... I think i will try that recipe of your'se and see how i go. Sounds nice to me!!! :) At the moment i am only eating Rice Cakes.. I am going to the doctor in 1 hr to get a sheet of what i can and can't eat and to see if i can get a appointment for my op.  I know i wont eat lot's of fat coz i want to be healthy and dont want to be in pain.  I ate a piece of chocolate the other day and it gave me pains.. So now i know not to eat that all the time.

Did u lose weight when u was on ya diet? well u said ur family did so just thought u might too.?

Well i better go.. thanks for the info on all this! I'll let ya know how i go.

Take care
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