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What are these symptoms from?

For the last two months I have been experiencing a lot of problems with my stomach. Constant burning, occassional acid reflux which seems to come back into my throat as I feel like I have a lump in my throat, gas, belching and what seems like a lot of pressure ( not pain) in the center of my stomach ( like in the pit of your stomach) above the naval. My first diagnosis was that I could be lactose intolerant, then it was acid reflux but I feel as though something more is going on. I've also lost my desire to eat and suffer with nausea. Could this be gallblader, h.pylori, ulcer etc.. Has anyone else experienced these symptoms?

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if i were you i would  go to a digestive specialest and if you have already seen one then go to another until you are properly diagnosed. believe me sometimes you have to go through many doctors to reach the right one . i did , and sure many of the patients on this forum has . wishing you the best .
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I have every symptom you just described and I am totally frustrated and sick ALL THE TIME!  I am currently being seen by a wonderful woman physcian who really doesn't think I'm crazy and wants to help me.  I have my follow up visit with her but so far this is what she has said/done:

1) could be irritable bowel syndrome (ibs)
2) I could be allergic to whey
3) could be my gallbladder or appendix
4) could be a peptic ulcer
5) could be a variety of other things if these are all ruled out.

Now, to rule out the gallbladder/appendix I just had an abdominal ultrasound done.  Came back normal.  I do, however, have slight cramping type pain just under my second rib from the bottom on my right side.

I am keeping and have been keeping for a month a food journal and log of how I feel that she is going to review this Saturday when I have my follow up visit with her.  She is going to try to associate the nausea with what I'm eating and test me for food allergies.

My bloodwork came back a little funny so she is going to take all my bloodwork again.  My bilirubin levels were way elevated but I don't know what that means.  

I am constantly nauseous even though I never vomit from it.  I have sharp pains right above my navel, deep into my stomach.  I occassionally get pains right under my right side ribcage but they do not radiate.  My stomach burns and gurgles if it's empty, full, medium, whatever.  

I am 29 years old, don't smoke, don't drink, no stress job, I run 5 miles a day and I am ALWAYS SICK!!!!  ugh!  If you want to email me please do and I will keep you posted as to what my doc says.

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Hey Kim -

Your doc does sound wonderful!!  I hope she gets to the root of your problem.  If by chance all the tests come back normal, maybe you could suggest having a HIDA scan to show the functioning of your gall bladder as an ultrasound only really will show medium to large stones.  Believe me I know, for I got sick last year and had ever test you could imagine plus my blood work was all normal.  Finally, after a month and half of being severely ill, I had the HIDA scan which showed ACUTE and CRONIC gall bladder disease w/o stones.  Your doc may suggest this anyway but I thought I'd give you some insight.  Thanks,

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