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What causes mucus in stool???

Theres no blood only mucus after I wipe. What could be causing this/
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Well you asked the very question that I was going too.  I have the same thing, no blood, but its only after wiping and it is like a light brown mucous.  I know hemorrhoids can cause mucous as well as IBS but I believe its white with IBS.  Anyone have an idea?
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I think it is caused by parasites. I know about a great parasite cleanse if you are interested.
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I, too have mucos when I wipe but also in my stools.  Has anyone found what it is from or what is wrong with us??
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It could be a sign of IBS or Colitis
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It's probably Candida yeast!!!  I think I have it, as I also have the mucus and weird colored stools right now.  Also suffer from indigestion/gas/fatigue/constipation, you name it.  All symptoms of Candida.  A lot of people who think they have IBS probably just suffer from a chronic case of this and it can be fixed.  There are plenty of websites that carry great cleansers, where you basically have to detox your intestines to clear it up.  I bought mine today at vitamin shoppe and i'm hoping it helps me.  Takes 15 days to clear it up with my formula.  Good luck!
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Hi, Krispy.
What did you mean by werid colored stools? & do you also have thyroid diesease?
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