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What could cause bilirubin and urobilinogen in urine?

There is also blood and protein present and an ultrasound indicated no problem with kidneys.

I am 35 weeks pregnant (2nd pregnancy), non-drinker, non-smoker, not on any medications, recently suffered from 24 hour flu (vomiting, diarrhea), no health problem of any type in the past, overweight.

Any thoughts/ideas appreciated.


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Dear cathy,
kidney questions are beyond the scope of this Forum.
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what is metromidazole and what does it do?
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I'm trying to determine what is wrong with me, unable to post. My underarm odor, Urine and stool have a very strange odor almost like a garlic.  My diet has not changed  before or during the period. I have not eaten garlic. No MED's.  General good health..  I can smell other scents.  So I don't think this is in my head..   ANY SUGGESTIONS?
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Cathy was your message indicating you were overweight?  Regardless, there is always a certain amount of blood present in any urine specimen.  Unless it was a significant amount, and surely your Doctor would have notified you if that was the case, then minor blood stains from urine samples are nothing to worry about.
If you have had an Ultra-Sound on your Kidney's and showed ' no problem's' then your protein dectection again may very well be a minor finding.  From your description of symptoms and admission of having the flu recently, I would be suspect of a viral infection, although this should have been ruled out first through your Family Doctor before any Kidney scans were requested.
Being a non-smoker, on no medications and no major health problems in the past, again the suspect finding would indicate
the flu virus as the culprit.
Unless your Doctor has ordered further urine samples to follow up on the blood and Protein, I wouldn't feel the need to worry about any  major illness or disease.
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Last summer I was taken to the hospital after collasping from heat exposure.  My kidneys and Liver shut down, and at one point I had a mild Heart Attack.  I was in Intensive Care for 7 days, and in the hospital for a total of 12 days.
My Kidneys give me terrible pain on a regular basis and I have had 3 Kidney Stones  since last summer.  What I am really concerned about though is my Liver.  I have been having my blood done once a month and my GGT levels keep going up.  The last, Feb.27th 2000  GGT level was 200.  It is my understanding that the normal number's are 11-63??
My Family Doctor has not been much help and has been giving me the ' wait and see' attitude.  I am extremely worried about my Liver and don't want to end up losing it, or worse.  Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!
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You're probably a bit anaemic honey.  that would account for bilirubin and the protein.  Make sure your blood pressure is o.k. - too high can be a problem.  Check it out at your doctors when you visit.  Eat lots of green salads, and citrus fruits to keep vitamin c levels up to help with iron levels.  Don't forget when you have your baby to look after yourself too. Eat apricots, raisins, almonds, brown rice and lots of salads.  Cut out coffee and tea as this hinders iron absorption.Good luck.
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My 10 year old nephew had some blood tests taken,and my sister and I are concerned, his urobilinogen is 8.0 and it should be between 0.2-1.0. What is urobilinogen and why would it be so high in numbers. Is my nephew at risk? The Doctor would not give an answer except that its ok. We are very concerned since he has other health problems.
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My son has been having middle abdominal pain.  His Urine studies showed Trace ketones, Urobilinogen of 2.0, urine nitrate positive, mucus small.  what could be the problem an ultrasound was normal except for the presence of two spleens.
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