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What is it!!

Last November, I gave unprotected anal sex to a female. A week later, experienced sensitivity of penis tip and saw the doctor. Gave me pencillin and doxycycline. Sensitivity came and went but started feeling slight heat around rectum after a fortnight. Also noticed the emergence of haermorrhoid which I never had. Urine test month later revealed bacterial infection of prostate. More antibiotics for month.

Month and half after the event, started feeling inconsistent light pain on lower right abdomen. Just around and below the appendix area. Pain came and went. Occasionally feel slight sensation around central lower abdomen and also on the left side.

Multiple blood test since then ( last one a month back) revealed nothing. Urine test 2 months back revealed no sign of infection in prostate. CT scan revealed nothing.

4 months after event but before 2nd urine test, had unprotected sex with wife after blood checks were fine. Couple of days later, she started complaining about the same symptoms. Pain in lower abdomen just where I have.

Did I have bacterial infection in the semen through prostate infection?
Would I have passed this to my wife through semen?
Is there a need to get my semen tested?

Is our intestine, large and small, infected with bacteria thats giving us that pain. Intestine is very noisy(grumble) and do get built up of gas. We both didn't have this before.
And the occasional pain remains. Some days more than others. Sharper at times. Mostly on the lower right. Sometimes on the left.

What do we have and what shall we do?
Have taken most antibiotics under the sun.
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To answer your questions:
1) Prostatitis can be difficult to diagnose and treat.  If symptoms are continuing despite appropriate antibiotics, a transrectal ultrasound can be done to image the prostate for an abscesses.  

2) If the semen is infected, that scenario is possible.  However, this is uncommon.

3) The semen, as well as urine, can be sent for culture and analysis.  A negative CT scan would rule out things like an intra-abdominal abscess or diverticulitis.  A colonoscopy can be considered to look further at the abdomen.

These options can be discussed with your personal physician, or in conjunction with a gastroenterologist.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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The symptoms you described souns alot like CCP (chronic pelvic Pain).  This can be caused by muscule tension along the Pudendal nerve.  That would explain the penile pain, buring in anus and lower abdominal pain.  Check out this site, www.pelvicpainhelp.com .  If this is indeed cuasing your pain, theres no drugs to take, just physical therapy and a relaxation technique called Paradoxical Relaxation.  Hope this helps, JM..
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Yes, I do get pain in lower back on the right as well.
Do not have urinary problem.

Pain on the left and right lower abdomen is close to pelvic bone.

Would the grumbling in intestine be part of this?

I must say that after the sexual event, my brain took a spiral. Stress, worry and anxiety set in.

I am refraining from having sex with wife hoping I don't pass on anything to her.

Appreciate your help.
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Have you tried this?   Does it work?  How long have you been doing this?
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