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What is the meaning of high liver enzymes?

I just had a blood workup done for life insurance.  The results came back pretty good with just a strange reading for the liver enzymes.  All were within range except for the GGT/GGTP as follows:

Total bilirubin:  0.60
SGOT/AST:         21.00
SGPT/ALT:         22.00
GGT/GGPT:         77.00

I do not drink alcohol and do not take anti-seizure medications.  I do take birth control pills and Prilosec for heartburn.  I also have allergies and use albuterol, Serevent and Flovent as needed.

Could any of these drugs be the cause of the high reading of the GGPT?  Do you think I need to have further liver function tests?

My triglycerides were 158 and my cholesterol was 245 and blood glucose was 85.

Thank you!
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actualy some perscription and  across the counter medications can raise your liver enzyms here is a sight you can check your meds for side afects or concern www.intelihealth.com click on drugs.also to make sure you don't have a more serious problem i would go to your gastroligist/hepatoligist have them to do some blood work for you on hepatitis c and other liver realated  problems .i doubt if it is but better to be safe than sorry. good luck
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