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What's an Abdominal Migrane?

Couple questions :

1. What's an abdominal migrane?

2. What diseases are out there that can cause bad neurological symptoms right after eating??


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I am not sure what an abdominal migrane is, but i get headaches with my stomach pain. I have acid relux and it is horrible.  I have to find a new doctor, if anyone could recommend on.  In addition to these headaches, I get shortness of breath that scares the life out of me and throws me into a panic attack.  I used to think it was nerves, but when I found out I had reflux and read the symptoms, I learned better.
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Abdominal migranes are migranes that have as a trigger point in the stomache or intestine.  For Instance I have a Milk allergy and every time I drink milk I get a migrane  yet my lactose tolerance tests come back fine.  I have also had migranes when I had a colonitis.  It is not uncommon to get a headache with GERD/ or other stomache disorders like gastritis.
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