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Whats wrong with my stomach?

I am a 22 year old female and I have had stomach problems for the past 10 months. I have had a UGI series, h-pylori blood test, adominal ultrasound, gallstones ultrasound, and they all came back negative. A doctor seemed to think there is something wrong with the lining of my stomach, while another doctor thought it was IBS.
My symptons: When I first started having pain it was 24hours a day- feeling of fullness, feels like im pushing my stomach out (flexing the muscles) it feels very tight and constant pain with some sharpe pains with it. THe pain is usually in my upper stomach, at times from top to bottom, just the bottom, it varies. Certain foods irritate my stomach- spicy, tomato, alcohol. some fruits.
I saw a doctor and she thought maybe ulcers and gave me pantoloc- after the first month and a half the medication began working and i was getting some relief (not having pain 24hrs, but the medication never gives me instant relief)
Presently 10 months later, I am still taking the pills and now my pain comes in waves usually 3 weeks apart, but when it comes it is painful for about 5 days in row then goes away. Sometimes i will feel alittle pain between the 3 weeks but nothing like when it comes. The past two eposides the pain was really bad and the pain also went through to my back where I get an aching feeling, and in the past 3 months or so I have been experiencing much more burping than I have ever had.
I just want to you what you think is wrong?
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I agree with the workup thus far.

If it hasn't already been done, you should consider an upper endoscopy.  This is a more comprehensive test than the upper GI series, and can evaluate the degree of inflammation.  

Imaging the abdomen can also be considered, with an ultrasound or CT scan.  This can evaluate for things like liver/gallbladder disease, as well as the pancreas.

More specialized testing, like a 24-hr pH study, can be done to definitively rule out GERD.

These options can be discussed with your personal physician.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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Have you been tested for gastroparesis?  Did you symptoms origianlly start after the flu?
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No I havent been tested for that, Thats a great question, its been awhile since I have had this problem but I do not believe I got this after the flu. Im pretty sure it just started up for some reason.
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I understand how you feel.  Been going thru the exact same thing for about 4 years know.  They have tested me for all kinds of things and know they want to start the test all over again.  It’s a lot of money and time away from work to go thru all this just to have them say that everything looks alright.  The only change that I have noticed is when I get on a Health kick.  Generally, I don't eat badly and I'm not a couch potato.  But during the times that I put in the extra effort to walk everyday and drink plenty of water, I see a difference in these symptoms.  I just read another questions from this site and someone answered that lemon juice everyday in water may help with some of these issues.  I'm going to try this out and see if it works.
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I am also twenty two and have been having stomach problems for several years. I have had every test done with all the results coming back negative, which is a relief but did not solve my problem. I have also been on several medications such as nexium and all that junk. I have been pain free for several months but I had visited this web site before I was well and I felt the need to come back and share the secret of my success. The meds I was placed on made me sick so I decided to take a different route.  I have had great success with herbal remedies. But I was shown a technique that chiropractors use or however you spell it that brought me the most success. I know it sounds crazy but for me it was desperate times called for desperate measures. Ask him to check you for a hiatal hernia and even it is not presents tell him to treat it anyways. I am by no means qualified to give advice; just wanted to help someone like someone helped me. Good luck.
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I am a 30 yr old female and have had a sensitive stomach for a few years now and a pain under my left ribcage which most recently has gotten worse....I've been to doctors, had tests and I'm sooo sick of it because it effects my life...I would just like to suggest to everyone who has any stomach problems to please see a reputable CHIROPRACTOR, preferably one with HOLISTIC approaches...I went to visit a chiropracter finally and right away he knew what I was talking about, he took x-rays and did a review on my symptoms and already has an idea of what it can be..I go back on Wednesday for a nutrition/health exam and I already feel a bit of relief...what it boils down to is what we are eating...alot of foods that we buy at markets have ENRICHED this and HIGH FRUCTOSE that which causes alot of disease...I am going to take the holistic approach and eat from Whole Food/Trader Joe markets as well as natural herbal remedies....I still think you should do scans/blood tests but I strongly suggest a holistic approach and thats what I'm getting through my chiropractor...you can also research online natural herbal remedies, one site is www.lime.org or .com...it has great tips! I will keep you posted!
I wish for us all to have great health, because with health, everything is possible!
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I am a 31 year old female and about 2 years ago I started having a burning knawing type feeling under my rib cage above my belly button. After a trip to a gastro doc and and a camera in my stomach to check it out as well as an ultra sound of my gallbladder he said all he saw was a little acid in my stomach and prescribed nexium and sent me away with a gerd pamphlet. The Nexium didn't do much so I started to really pay attention and the foods that seem to start the pain are peppers, certain types of onions, swiss cheese, broccoli, and any oily salad dressing. I have since stayed away from these foods and for the most part been ok for the past few years...but now it's back and it seems like it's adding more things to the list and I seem to have this pain like every other day I know that when I went out to eat a few weeks ago I ate an oily salad dressing and that's waht started it but now it's back and worse then ever. Yesterday I ate tangy tomato sauce and I was so sick that I vomitted and then after I vomit I feel immediete relief. I even think that cola's are upsetting it. I don't have the burps or runs just the burning, knawing pain along with the naseua it used to help if I massaged my kidneys it would sometimes make the pain go away even though the pain was in the front of my body...Nothing I take is helping antacids make me puke. ( I also have had kidney stones but this isn't the same kind of pain). Any ideas? I also once saw a dr who said I was borderline when she tested me for h.pylori and when I mentioned it to the gastro doc he dismissed it. Please help :( I hate feeling like this I am afraid to eat!
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Hi everyone:

I was perscribed Elavil in the form of the 10mg pill for pain relief.  I was told to take it once a day before I go to bed.  

I have been  taking it for two weeks and stopped because it was causing me to have a "choked up" feeling in my throat that I did not like.

A 48 hours after I stopped, I started haveing horrendas acid reflux.  I went to the doctor and he gave me omerozol(sp?) .  I have been taking it and antacids to control the acid reflux.

I did this for a week and things started getting better with my stomach.  My wife pleaded with me to continue taking my Elavil and I went back on.  Two weeks later I stopped again and back came the acid reflux.

Anyone else have a problem like this?
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Hi Victoria-I'm 26 and I have the same problems-it's been 3 months now. Just change your diet, exercise, avoid stress and wait it out- it will go away.

My mom had the same things and now she only has problems a year later when she eats certain foods. She has bloating all the time though. My symptoms are worse than hers-some similar to yours- (although she insists she had the same last year) with no bloating but lots of gas and now its causing dizziness, pressure on my stomach, acid reflux, burning throat, oral thrush, nausea, pressure in my bowels, constipation, diarrhea, hot flashes, anxiety attacks, etc. I took a few weeks off from school after two days of a hot flash spell that caused me to almost collapse because I was so dizzy and lightheaded.
And it's all because of stress/anxiety all last year at work and probably from the antibiotics over my lifetime.

I'm telling  you my problem hoping you can find some relief for yours.

Eat organic, no microwave (it changes the chemistry of your food making it harder to digest-you can google microwaves), digestive enzymes, acidophilus is a must!, lots of water and avoid spicy foods, vinegars, gassy foods, and pretty much all processed foods (i also avoid gluten, wheat and milk even though i don't have celiac) and you should find relief. Also, try to walk as much as possible. It will relieve some of the pain over time. I hope this helps everyone who is suffering.
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I have pain like that too! Im only 14 though.. Im in soo much pain right now! I need somthing to help me!
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did you get an endoscopy yet?
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Hello everyone, I really appreciate all the comments. It is interesting to see everyone different opinions and methods that they have used, some of which I have tried myself but nothing really has worked. I have moved recently and changed doctors and this one has me trying Nexium for a couple weeks and then IBS bills. I took the Nexium and now im trying the IBS pills but so far I noticed Nexium working better- but basically the same as pantolec (which didnt cure me). So its frustrating because I still get pain about every 3 to a month where it is really bad for about three days. Last time it happened i actually had to go to the hospital I couldnt take it, but there was nothing they could REALLY do for me because everyone keeps saying i need to see a specialist and for the city I am in it will take months and months, so i actually got an appt out for town in 2 weeks so i am really happy about that, i really hope something will be found, or even just talking to a specialist i think will be beneficial.
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I should have mentioned this as well, as for diet, exercise and stress- well i am in good shape (i am fairly active), and i dont always eat healthy, but fairly well i would say and there are definately certain foods that bug more stomach more there others such as spicy, tomateo paste and certain fruits. Milk actually tends to feel pretty good on my stomach so i drink alot of that. My doctor also talked to me about stress but i have always been more of a person to worry and nothing dramatic has happened in this past year were in other years i have been more stressed, but i definately have an increase in pain when i am really stressed out. I am just tired of not knowing as i am sure all of you are, and its nice to talk to people that can understand!!
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Victoria, my daughter has very similar symptoms...  she is 18 years old and has lost 80 lbs over the last 2 years....  it's a good thing she was slightly overweight when this all started.  she has taken all the medicine, pantoloc etc but nothing works.  She has had several blood tests, barium x-ray and 2 days ago she had the ultra-sound.  She sees the GI specialist in 2 weeks...  She now has started to projectile vomit!  I have taken her to ER for gravol and to get rehydrated occasionally.   It's all very scarey, her hair is thinning and breaking off!
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