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  I have adhesions in my small intestine due to a drug reaction over 7 years ago.
  I have been in pain very since.
  what type of treatments are used, the adhesions appear on upper and lower gi's and scope.   no new sores are formed unless i need an antibotic.
  can the adhesions be removed and would than reduce the pain and other symtoms, such as gas and 3 to 4 stools a day
Dear Kat,
Adhesions are a serious, common and costly complication of surgery. It has been estimated that adhesive small bowel obstruction may cause as many as 2000 annual hospital admissions which may be associated with an estimated annual cost of about 6-13 million dollars.
Therefore, the mainstay of treatment is to prevent the development of adhesions in the first place. Since one of the proven causes of intestinal adhesions is the presence of foreign microbodies (secondary to contamination from the surgeon
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