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alcohol abuse and hemangiona

Subject: alcohol abuse and hemangiona

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Six weeks ago my sister had surgery to remove two hemangiomas on the liver. One very small and one the size of a baseball per her surgeon. During the surgery and the next 6 hours she received a total of 12 units of blood and during the course of her recovery developed pneumonia, had an allergic reaction to antibiotics, blood and fluid developed under the lung area an had to be draiined. She is finally on her way to recovery. She is an admitted alcoholic, quit for some time but started drinking again before the surgery. With all she went through I thought after the surgery she would stop, but she hasn't. What effects will alcohol abuse have on her recovery, and would it have any long term effects on her liver. I know what alcohol does to the liver, but what are the concerns with her medical history. I want to be able to give her (and her drinking friends) medical facts so maybe they will understand. I can't seem to get it through their heads. Thanks.

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