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blood in stool/pain on left side

  I am a 38 year old female, and in February my gastro doctor did a colonscopy because i had been having pain on my left side, and with my history of divirticulitis he thought it was acting up again. well he found no polyps or no problem of divirticulitis, As of october i have been experiencing the pain on my left side again and after every BM i will bleed, and if i eat or do not eat my stomag does all these rumbling noises, and i seem to burp a lot, also sometimes after a BM i will get the pain on my left side more stronger and if i pass gass the pain will subside. my doctor is sending me for a cat scan of my stomag in two weeks, and seems to think i have internal hemorrhoids but even after all the Anusol and Proctofoam i continue to bleed. my concern is colon cancer even though i went to the ER because of the bleeding and pain and was told by the  ER doctor that my blood tests all came out normal. also my rectum seems to hurt if i sit for a long time and if i lay down the pain in my rectum is not as bad. does anyone have any idea as to what may be going on? thanks
Dear Carmen,
The evaluation of rectal bleeding must exclude the pssibility of colon poyps/cancer.  The colonoscopy that you had serves this purpose.  There are other explanations for rectal bleeeding.  Hemarrhoids, fissures, angiodtsplasia are amng the causes to be considered.
The abdominal pain that you describe may be due to irritable bowel sydrome.  A simple lfestyle modificiation that may improve your pain is to increase the amount of fiber in your diet.  Regulation of bowel function may decreasee the pain.  The only cautio is that un the beginning you may have more gas pains but as you continue with the fiber the pain should improve.
THis information is presented for educational purposes.  Always ask specific questions to your personal physician.
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