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bright green mucus

    For the last month and a bit up until a couple of weeks ago, i had blood in my stool.  I had the sigmoidoscopy done, and it showed nothing, so my doc said that they could be small internal hemmorhoids that would be hard to see with the scope.  She gave me a perscription for suppositories called proctosedyl.  About the second day after using them the bleeding stopped, but now, i have BRIGHT green mucus coming out every time i have a bowel movement.  The stool isn't green, just the mucus thats coming out with it.  My stomach feels achy as well.  Also, my stools are a lot darker.  Not quite black, but dark.  I don't know if the stool has to be totally black for it to be blood.  Does anyone know if a suppository could cause this green mucus????  I've had mucus before, but it was always clear, but this is BRIGHT green.  Also, i was wondering if the stool had to be completely black for it to be a sign of bleeding higher up in the GI tract.  My stools are very dark, but not quite black.  thank you!!
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