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chronic lightheadedness and upset stomach

Looking for help on my almost constant lightheadedness that ALWAYS goes along with urges for b.m.'s. Sometimes b.m's bring on the lightheadedness...they are always loose-no straining. Been to fam dr and neuro. mri's,ultrasounds,ct scans,blood all normal. never been to gastro dr yet. Neuro found "slight"neuropathy but I dont think its related to my lightheadedness with bowel area urges.  Somedays I feel great(clear head)and  thenI notice that I've not had a bowl movement that day.weird. the lightheadedness is not spinning but weak, tired,faint feeling, though i've never actually fainted. when i have the urge for b.m.s with the l.h. I usually don't even have a b.m...just the feeling to. I eat a mostly veget. diet-lots of raw food, org. carrot juice and fresh veggies. I have a hard time losing weight too(but i'm not at all overweight) and a very easy time putting ON weight with what most would call a regular meal. Could this be related? The l.h. affects my day--tired-hard to give the energy to 3 small kids that i want to give them!Any ideas????
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Maybe you have something wrong in your digestive tract, the lightheadedness might be due to lack of iron from your body not digesting your food right so would not get the nutrition from food as you would normally.
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I find your symptoms interesting. There are so many strange things and complexities about the human body. It is frustratiing & medical science has a long way to go. For example, one of my probs is this weird "in-another-zone" feeling that accompanies an occasional swooshing sound and feeling in my head. It developed when my hormones got screwed up, and is usually at the end of my cycle. I wish there were some doctor that could tell me what are the causes and even better the tx for my probs that make me wish I had another body.
Sorry I don't have any advice, just sympathy.
I get teary eyes when I have a bm. ?
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Just a thought:
I too had funny head feelings, bowel problems,  etc and my cycles varied such, and I found that I had hyperthyroid. Go to a good search engine and type in hyperthyroid and see if your symptoms match. I am getting treatment and feel much better. You will then need to see an endocrinologist. Good Luck! From ddcile
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