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  I have been on colestid for 11/2 weeks I had a gallbladder removal three years ago, I have had D everysince and been treated for ibs with no relief. This med is working for me I only take 1 tab oer day I wanted to start out slowley but I feel I don't need to go up to the two as prescribed if one works, My question is how long can I take this and are there any long term side effects? I read somewhere that anxiety was as ide effect, I also have this disorder and am afraid that I might get worse that way, but I am also afraid that this miricle working med that has given my life back to me is not a solution that will be long term. How long can one stay on it? And does it have long term side effects? What are the side effects? Thank you LAurie
Dear Laurie,
Colestid can be taken for years.  The drug binds bile acids which will prevent your diarrhea.  A result of bile acid binding is a lowering of serum choleterol.  The only cause for concern would be if you take other medicationa.  Colestid could bind to these drugs, preventing their absorption and clinical benefit.  If you are not having diarrhea, donot increase the colestid dose.  You may consider switching from colestid to metamucil to control your diaarhea.  Metamucil will cause bulkier more formed stool.
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