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I recently had a colonoscopy and the doctor found that i had a
colon that was 2/3 longer than normal. Can this cause problems later in life? I,m 43 and have had no problems until now,with constant constipation,nausea,and vomiting.They did find an inflamtion in the duodenum,which so far I do not have the hp virus.But have been having a low grade fever of 99.3 for three days. Could this have something to do with the inflamation?
Thank You, Sherry
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Dear Sherry,
Colon length can vary and does not indicate any pathology or the future development of symptoms.  Diverticula (outpouchings of colon mucosa) can sometimes be associated with redundant colon and are indicative of straining at stol.  If you have diverticula, then you should increase the amount of fiber in your diet (eat whole grain breads, salads, fiber preparations e,g, metamucil)

Duodenal inflammation is usually not a cause for fever.

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Hi Sherry:

I'm not sure if the length of your colon will have an effect on your health later in life. However, I do have an excellent booklet on colon health and how to maintain it with some herbal recommendations. I'd be happy to send a copy, if you wish to e-mail me at - ***@****

Let me know if I can help.


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I need to add a few things I forgot. I have been on prilosec for two years and still got this inflammation,The doctor now seems to think its from stress.I do have some but not unusually large amount.Can it be that the prilosec just stopped working? They found this through an upper gi,and should a endoscope be done also? He switched me to prevacid to see if it will work,he said the inflammation is very bad. Thank you,sorry I forgot to add this little bit of info. Sherry
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