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coughing, Continuos, uncontrollable, Extreme , Severe coughing

I wish to seek of the MEDICAL HELP INTERNATIONAL , their help and support in confirming the existence of, and then the promotion of the use of the Heilsberg maneuver. The purpose being , to give relief ( not a cure ) to persons suffering with a coughing discomfort.
     My fax is 1-954-925-0229
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I amnewto the internet,soI hope you get this OK. I am a heavy smoker and I cough so much at night I can"t sleep. I have done this now for about 3 months. I cough so much it takes my breath away. I have tryed to stop smoking,but can"t, For I Carry A lot of strees, Do you Know of anything that I can do for this cough.  P/s THANK- YOU BETTY
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If there is a Chinatown near u, go to a Chinese Medical Hall and get a prescription of FU NAI TANG.  

A few months ago, I had a bad cough and phlegm which did not go away.  Despite diligently taking prescribed medication from my GP and continuous rest, the cough got worse and the phlegm engulfed my vocal cord, which results in loss of voice.....nothing seems to be able to clear up the throat.  

In desperation, i went to a Chinese medical hall and was advised to take the FNT.  The herbs include dried Tangerine, red dates, figs, almonds, etc and it is to be boiled with 3 bowls of water with low fire for an hour (bring the herbs to boil at high fire first before switching to low fire).  

I could literally feel the phlegm clearing up immediately after taking the soup.  Boil the same soup again with 2 bowls of water for half an hour and then drink it to re-enforce the medication.

A second dose clears up my cough completely.

Since the soup is made up of natural herbs (or fruits), it is harmeless to the body.  However, for people who smokes regularly, it is effective in 'clearing up' the lungs.
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I was a regular to the doctor's office due to a chronic cough.  After 6 months of coughing, a nurse on reviewing my medications discovered I was taking Zestril for high blood pressure.  Soon after I stopped taking Zestril the coughing stopped.  Seems some
blood pressure meds do cause chronic cough.  If you are taking a medication for blood pressure, please discuss this with your doctor.
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I was coughing, continous,severely chokeing.
My Dr. Prescribed Aciphex. It worked right away.
I had GERD. Very simular cough as Bronchitis.
No more coughing no more GERD. I take one tab(20mg)a day.
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My grandmother has been having this cough for awhile now also. She's been through quite a few tests. The odd thing I found with your post is; you mentioned Zestril. She used to take Zestril a few years ago until she had a allergic reaction to it, which caused her tongue to swell and she was hospitalized. I was just curious if maybe you happen to know if this could be her cause for constant cough even though she hasnt take  it for a few years. Thanks for any info.
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I also cough...I think though, it is the side effect of Priolosec, that they are giving me for Reflux.  I cough and then i choke and then I try to sneeze and it will not come and then the tickle in the throat makes my eyes water and my nose run.  I also feel like there is something in my throat.  I think I will get off the priolosec for a week and see if this does not help me. Any one else have this?  This problem is worse than the heartburn.  Thanks.
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I have had a cough for over two years now.  Been treated (continuing) for asthma and GERD.  Just started aciphex too, only 2 days now.  I wake up every hour and a half or so with the cough and this small amount of sticky phlem.  Wondering if the aciphex takes a while to kick in  and if anyone has found a cough medicine that works.  Doctors can't seem to prescribe anything for it.  - am allergic to codeine, though.

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Hi erner..

I am also allergic to Codeine. Aciphex, Prilosec, prevacid and 2 others are in the family of Proton Pump Inhibitors.  I found a great site on Reflux and GERD at the Wake Forest Site (do not have the URL number) and this place explained Reflux in 2 different areas.  Since, I have the cough and throat involvement and the Respiratory stuff, I feel 99% sure that I have it in the larnyx, vocal cords.  I can be talking and the tickle in the throat will appear and then the cough.  This is definately vocal cord involvement. My new Gastro Doc has me on prilosec but I did get off it to see about side effects.  I am calling her on Monday as she indicated also about GERD/Reflux in the airways.

The pulmonologist hears gurgling and wheezing in the vocal chords.

The Wake Forest article indicated how this is missed many times by ENT docs (ear, Nose and Throat) as they are not looking in the right place. (saw one 4 times and he did not have a clue)

I am real bad today as i am on meds for a respiratory virus and these meds will upset the espohagus so therefore the Reflux is tickling the throat and i cannot talk without coughing and sniffling and eyes watering.  This is no way to live.

I have found nothing to help with this cough.  I feel my new gastroenterologist will have to consult with another ENT doc (found one via e-mail in this city) before I will find relief.  

Good Luck to You.  

Will keep you posted.
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