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dehyration and abdomen pain

  Not sure right place??
  Yes, I just need some feedback, already went to the doctor, just still wondering what is wrong. I went to work yesterday with pain in the stomach and couldn't pee much. Thought I was getting kidney infection, so drinked water and some tea most of the day. After lunch sever cramping started in legs and stomach and lower back , as if I needed to go to bathroom, Which I tried lots of times to do. All I could do was pee a llittle bit. Sorry so long. Then about hour later I was walking at work trying to stop pain, my mouth went dry and I mean dry dry, I felt it get sticky where my lips poped. I went and got water and nothing helped. I was given candy it stuck to tongue. Went to doctoer on the way I felt like I was not able to feel my tongue, so dry couldn't talk stop and got drink, had to keep drink in mouth all the time to keep dyness away. Doctor took exrays, blood, urine, etc, white counts a littl ehigh but found nothing. I refused to leave I was scared. Gave me a iv of fluid after that dyness was leaving befor ehad no spit or saliva. I began to get it back. What was wrong? What happened? Will it again. My mouth is better today but I am in pain on my left side where I can hardly move don't know if from all the cramping or what? Mouth is okay now.j Sorry but I am worried, doctor didn't seem to concern and I was and fear it could happen again. I am 39 and that was the first time I ever felt like I would die. Thanks
Dear Donna,
I am sorry but I can not shed any additional insights onto what happened to you.  Inability to urinate and a dry mouth can be symptoms of dehydration, but if this was the explanation there had to be a preicpitating cause for fluid loss (e.g. diarrhea, vomiting, excessive sweating) which you do not provide.  I can not associate the abdominal pain with the dehydration.  I do not know if this will happen again.  
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