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For the past approx 2 years I have been experiencing severe diarrhea and now just recently nausea. I have had a colonscopy done and the test showed a mild infection and the doctor prescribed an antibotic. The antiobotic relieved the uncontrollable urgent diarrhea, but now I have loose stools and daily nausea. Anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours per day which is totally debilatating.
During this entire period I have had ABSOLUTELY NO PAIN! I have had a prescription of protonix and now prevacid with no relief of nausea and some relief of the urgent diarrhea although still loose stools.

Before this started I had some extensive dental work and my dentist was sick with diarrhea (chronic) which he said was caused by an allergy.
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Have you tried metamuclie.  I have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and it seems to have, sorry for the phrase "thickened things up"....
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Dear Neal,

Have you tried some "pro-biotics" such as ACIDOPHILUS/BIFIDUS? The antibiotics probably killed off these beneficial bacteria, and you need to re-populate the large intestine with ACIDOPHILUS/BIFIDUS, which hopefully will stop the diarrhea. Don't overdo, though, as overdoing can cause loose stools!

It sure does sound like you might have cought an intestinal infection from possibly contaminated dental equipment!

I have read that root canals can often remain infected, and be a source of continuing infection in other areas of the body!

Some people have to have the root canaled tooth pulled, to help end the problems that are related to still infected root canaled teeth.

Read other posts here about various causes of diarrhea, and read books at health food stores about causes of diarrhea. Share this info with your docs, to help you solve this problem!

Concerned lady
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I just found a wonderful drug to help with diarrhea.  I have had a problem for six years!  I.B.S.  A friend found out she was not digesting her bile salts and she now take a 1/2 packet of Questran each night.  Ask your Doctor about this.
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