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dizziness, nausea, blurred vision for almost two years, please help!!

  In February of 1997 (20 months ago), I started to get dizzy, and experienced blurred vision.  
  I fainted at work and was taken to the hospital subsequently.
  I have had a number of tests including:
  neurological exam;
  thyroid test;
  and so on.
  The symptoms have been persistent ever since, but there is no pattern to discover.
  It goes along with feeling exhausted all the time, and having no energy to lead a normal life.  In addition, I am
  experiencing hot flashes, and cold spells.  Overall, it feels like flu symptoms.
  Last spring I went to Europe for three months, to work on my degree.  I never felt better!!!! My energy level was back to normal, and
  no more dizzyness, or blurred vision.  After I came back to California, it took only two days to experience the same symptoms.  I contacted
  my doctor, who seems to be convinced that this is a matter of the mind, and not the body.  There is no way I can convince him that I did
  not have any problems in Europe.  In the meantime, I have been back for three months, and that have been three terrible months.  The symptoms
  are there all the time, and seem to get worse.  I have found a little relieve from adjustments by  a Chiropractor, but only temporarily.  In addition,
  I am experiencing nausea (no vomiting).  The nausea comes and goes and wakes me up often at night.  I have had extensive allergy testing and, other than minor allergies, everything seems to be fine.
  I am seeing a different MD now, who is also a homeopathic doctor, and at the moment I am awaiting the result of tests (bloodwork, hair and so on)
  Overall, I have the feeling like I am being poisoned.  Might this be something that you can give me any insight in?  Have you heard of anything
  like this before?  Is it possible that you can help me further with this?
  It has been a nightmare for me, and my family, and we would really like to get our lifes back.  Your help would be greatly appreciated.
  If necessary, I can come to your clinic for further testing.
  Kind regards,
  Janine Baker
Dear Janine Baker,
Your symptoms do suggest the possibility that something in your local environment is causing your problems.  There are environmental problems e.g. chemicals in insulation, reaction to animals in the house that could be the trigger for your problem.  From a medical perspective one must conisder liver and gastrointestinal problems.  Liver tests should be done.  An upper GI barium study and probably a gastric emptying nuclear medicine test would be helpful.
Depending on your age andother medical problems, there are other possibilities.  
This information is presented for educational purposes only.  Always consult your personal physician for specific medical questions.
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