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elevated enzymes

I am a 34 year old male.  Have a previous (20 yr) history of drug (no iv) and alcohol abuse.  I have been clean 3 years this month.  Last year I had a physical to check my liver enzymes and everything was fine.  I have been having pain in my upper right quardant.  I have sever belching and pain usually right after I eat so I thougth it was reflux.  This has been going on for sometime and I was prescribed prevacid for the acid reflux.  I also attributed the pain to gaining weight since getting clean.  My abdomen area feels crowded and I have to sit straight up to really get a good breath.  My breathing is fine but if I want to fill my lungs I have to do that.  Last Monday 12/3 I noticed the whites of my eyes were yellow.  My wife noticed on 12/5 my eyes and the area below my eyes being yellow.  I made an appt and the dr. had blood tests (liver) taken.  Before those tests came back I went to the ER and they thought I had gallbladder problems and admitted me.  I now find out my enzymes are over 2000 and the other is 943.  My bilirubin is rising daily 13 today went in with 10.  All my hep test/HIV have come back negative. Cat scan and ultrasound show thick wall of gallbladder but nothing else.  On a liquid diet until last night after eating soup/sandwich the pain returned and so did the belching. Had diarreah last night/today.  Have returned to liquid diet. Seven dr's are saying I have a virus that has attacked my liver and will have to run its course.  They thought I would have hep C and can't figure out what is wrong.  I need help.  Any answers would be appreciated.
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I would have your Dr. check you for pancreatitis.  You seem to be showing some classic symptoms of this.  It took 3 years for the drs. to diagnose me.  They don't always want to look in this area.
Belching, the feeling of fullness after eating only a little bit, passing gas, RUQ pain, elevated emzymes are all symptoms.  The fact that you drank for so long before your sobriaty (congratulations!)could be a contirbuting factor.  Have you told your GI speacialist this?  You do not have to be a current drinker to have pancreatitis.
Good luck to you and do not give up on your health.  It is worth pursuing good health for yourself.
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Response to Tazlady.  Thank you for responding.  Yes, I have told the doctors about my drug/alcohol abuse.  They have check for pancreatitis and my enzymes are normal.  Great suggestion and thanks again for responding.
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Just to let you know.  Your enzymes levels will appear to be normal during non-attack times.  They could never catch mine elevated until a friend once told me to have them first draw blood and then take pain meds on my next visit to the ER, with the horrific pain I was having.  Well, that did it.  That finally helped to find the problem.  Don't rule out pancreatitis so quickley.  If there is a cause for you to go to the ER with RUQ pain, please have them draw blood first, checking your lipase and amalyse levels.  Then take the pain meds.  In my opinion, having a pancreatic attack is worse than when I gave birth to my son.
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Thanks To Tazlady.  I am printing your comments to take with me to my next appt.  Greatly appreciate your help.
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