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elevated liver enzyme sgot

I recently had routine blood work.. all tests were perfect except one liver enzyme sgot.. it was 76..the Dr. said it could be related to a recent muscle injury such as a heart attack (which i didn't have) but i did fall and dislocate and break an ankle in feb... i had surgery for plates and screws to be put in.. i was casted for 6 weeks then 6 weeks of therapy .i was retested a few weeks later and the # was 78.. i had an ultrasound that showed everything was fine, but did find a small polyp in the gallbladder,,,,he didn't seem to be concerned..i was re-tested again a few weeks(5) later and the sgot is now 71.. now my Dr. is sending me to a GI dr.  I'm taking metoprolol for blood pressure...and a diuertic...my Dr. does not think these should cause a problem but i've read where the BP med. can raise liver enzymes...i feel fine... what's next?????
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Your liver enzyme is mildy elevated. It may be of no clinical significance. The Gastroenterologist may do a panel of tests for other causes such as all the hepatitis's. It is doubtful it is anything like that. It is possible that the Metoprolol is causing it, but unlikely. Could be from muscle damage. Follow through with everything your doctor orders but don't worry too much about it.
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Thanks for the reply.... i do what he says but sometimes i get worried about all this.... i'm relatively healthy all the time. i've had a bad year with the broken ankle.. out of work 3 months and it still bothers me 7 months later...and now this enzyme stuff.... oh well, i feel fine.... thanks again.. bk
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3 weeks back, I had a routine blood test done and 2 liver enzyme levels were found elevated. AST was 211 and ALT was 64. The doctor requested another blood test and so exactly 1 wk after the first blood test, I got another test done adn the AST was now 510. It had gone up by 299 units
The doctor has requested ultrasound but results are not in yet. I am wondering how the AST level could go up so much in a week time. I don't feel any sickness or other health problems. I feel a bit tired but that could be due to extra workload these days.

I would appreciate any suggestions/comments on the cause of these elevated liver enzymes.

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