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elevated sgpt liver function, enlarged liver

  I have had over the last few years a slightly eleveted liver function (sgpt?)in the 60-75 range (normal 40 or below). I have had numerous blood tests over the last two years (and everything that you could find as a cause in the blood has been ruled out - hepatitis, liver storage disease, etc.) I went to have an ultrasound and the said that the liver was enlarged, and that the surface of my liver was not smooth (as a normal liver would be) or had variations in it ( a normal liver has no surface variations)
  Any idea what could be causing this or what it sounds like could be the problem?
dear jefff,
Ultrasound demonstration of an irregular texture for the liver can indicate many possibilities from fatty liver, to hepatic inflammation to even cirrhosis.  If you have had a complete evaluation to exclude alcohol effects, the possibility of medicine or industrial hepatotoxicity, viral hepatitis, autoimmune liver disease and metabolic disease, then the most likely explanation is fatty liver.  The only way, however, to be certain of the diagnosis is to do a liver biopsy.
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