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enterogastric reflux

I have been suffering from right upper quadrant pain , sometimes radiating to the back for a few months now. Ultrasound doesn't show any gallstones. I had a Hida scan a while ago, and it showed that I have significant enterogastric reflux. The response of the gallbladder after CCK injection was excellent with an ejection fraction of 58% at 30 minutes and no evidence for retention in distal CBD.
My appointment with the GI is not until August and I have a few questions that I would love to have answered.
1) what is enterogastric reflux?
2) what could cause it? The problem started after giving birth. Is it a sphincter problem?
3) I experience pain (mostly at the side, some burning mid-abdomen) most of the time, sometimes even after just drinking some water. Is it bile or what is causing the discomfort?
4) most importantly: how can I manage the pain i.e. what type of diet would be most suitable? Would digestive enzymes be helpful, if yes, with or without hydrochloric acid? Should I follow a very strict low-fat diet?
5) Are there any herbal remedies that might help (I am nursing a 6 months-old infant)?

Thank you very much in advance for any advice that you might be able to give me.
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To answer your questions:
1) Enterogastric reflux is bile acid reflux, where bile acid is regurgitated into the stomach.  

2) This can be caused by an incompetent pyloric sphincter, or abnormal duodenal motility.

3) Bile acid reflux can lead to these symptoms.  You have had a pretty good evaluation of the gallbladder.  An upper endoscopy can be considered.

4) If bile acid reflux is present, cholestyramine, sucralfate, or ursodiol have all been tried with varying success.

5) I am not aware of herbal remedies that have been studied in consensus trials.

These options can be discussed with your personal physician.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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I find it disturbing that the Dr. can't see you till Aug. Have you tried another Gastro in your area? Or go in to your regular Dr., and discuss the results.
Herbs for stomach problems include:
Licorice (which increases the protective coating in your digestive tract)
All of these are very safe, even in large quantities. Even if they do pass into your breastmilk, they will only calm baby's tummy too. You can make them as tea, or get some of them in capsule form.
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