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epigastric discomfort/pressure, feeling of fullnes in esophagus, throat,

I am 35 yo. mother of 4 children. I had a lap chole. during my last pregnancy in March 2004. This did alleviate problems at that time. However, now, 15 months later, I am experiencing the same symptoms, with a few new ones to boot: epigastric pain/pressure/fullness, the sensation of food or something being stuck in the esophagus/throat, belching, the sensation of being squeezed tightly by a rope or belt beneath the ribs/diaphragm, the inability at times to obtain a full breath, coughing. This has been going on for nearly 2-3 months and they are worsening. These are nearly the same symptoms I experienced while having gallbladder problems, except now there is no gallbladder! I do have an appt. to see my family physician, however, I am completely frustrated and miserable!! Does this sound like a hiatal/hiatus hernia with reflux possibly? Could it have something to do with the gallbladder removal itself? Am I crazy? I know one thing, I am miserable, and I need advice from a professional. Should I question my MD about tests such as upper endoscopy, Hyda scan, etc? Any help/ advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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Hiatal hernia certainly is possible.  Other possibilityes can include GERD, an ulcer, an anatomical blockage, or gastroparesis.  

I would start with a barium swallow/upper GI series.  This test can evaluate the swallowing mechanism as well as look for any anatomical obstruction.  

If negative, an upper endoscopy can be considered for a more comprehensive test.  

If the tests remain non-revealing, you can consider more specialized testing like a gastric emptying scan to evaluate for gastroparesis.  

You can discuss these options with your personal physician, or in conjunction with a GI evaluation.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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Does sound like symptoms of Hiatus hernia &/OR GERD.
No harm in discussing with your doc, to have an upper GI, shall confirm the diagnosis.
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Wow same symptoms here.............Memorial Day came home from a cook out 2 hours later severe pain right between ribs where my stomach starts and after a 1/2 bottle of malox pain finally subsided, I know I have GERD but this was very painful, I have been on Piroxicam for anti inflammitory of my knee. Thinking this iritated my tummy went to gastro she did upper gi. shows hiatal hernia and GERD.   I am taking prilosec every day and have appt to see her friday, right now I feel pressure at the top of my stomach and yes short of breath also and weird thng pain where my gallbladder used to be and same pain???  Not sure but I am figuring out MILK products do not agree with me either!

I am 43.................let me know what you find out
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This is absolute misery! You would think gallbladder removal would have taken care of these symptoms! WRONG! I see my family MD today, Monday, hopefully they will schedule upper endoscopy, or something that will diagnose the problem. Will let you know when all is said and done. I hate to say it, but sometimes it makes me feel not so "crazy" when I know others out there have the same symptoms. Thanks! missyp
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Thank you for posting your comment. Have you experienced Hiatal hernia & GERD? It's Misery! Just wondering! Thanks again! missyp
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I'm 19 years old and have always been in pretty good health. My parents came back from a trip in December of last year and brought back the flu. But, this was no ordinary flu...it was the worst I've had-consisting of me vomiting several times (sorry about being so graphic) with little to no food in my stomach. Ever since that moment I haven't been the same. I couldn't eat much of anything after that moment...I started to develop weird health problems consisting of the following: feels like pain in the upper portion below my chest...more of a nauseated feeling. I thought I just had the flu longer than expected...but I was wrong. The symptoms just seemed to get worse...I wouldn't eat for days on time-smells would even upset me. If I happened to even get the strength to try and eat anything after the second bite I would get a sudden urge to vomit. It got to the point where I was sick every day and slept most of the day away because that was the only way to make it "go away." I went to the doctor and they thought I had Acidreflex so they put me on Prevacid...needless to say it did nothing. After 3 weeks-I came back and told them I felt the worst I had through the whole ordeal. I researched through a medical dictionary trying to find some answer to what my problem could be...hiatal hernia seemed to fit. I told my doctor and she agreed that it could be a possibility...she had me try acidplex-which helped some what and we sched. an appointment to have a barium swallow. I actually went into the hospital praying that it was a hiatal hernia or acid reflux...but after the test the doctor who administered the barium swallow said I had neither. I took my acidplex and I was doing some what better...but recently I've experienced it much worse...I feel nauseas within seconds...it hits me like a bad case of flu. I've been getting blurry vision as well as dizzy spells in which I feel like passing out. IBS? Hypoglycemia? Anything else it could possibly be?
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Wow! I really hope you continue to search for answers. When you feel as badly as you do, depression can begin to set in sometime. Please don't give up hope. Your symptoms are very bizarre. How long have they persisted after the flu? Keep researching. My MD has started me on Prevacid also, has diagnosed me with GERD at the moment. I have to try it for 2 weeks, then if it does not work, testing will be done for hiatal hernia, etc. I know what you mean about praying they will find the answer. Keep on praying for the answer. Missip
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I feel your pain.  I'm 31/m and I am having such misery right now, related to your symptoms.  Each day is worse than the one before.  I should be in bed now, but my throat feels clogged and I am waiting for whatever it is to clear.  The only thing I did was drink some water with a bit of pure protein powder(no vitamins or filler).  I took my pills and after I did, about 5 minutes later I paid for it dearly, by feeling like they were floating back up my throat, almost even into my sinueses/nostrils.  Horrible.  I haven't eaten a normal meal in 4 weeks.  Every day I wake up and soon remind myself that I am not normal yet.  

I am having to pursue this on my own, for my doctors aren't helping me.  I had an endoscopy done Monday, and it tested OK.  Which is good, but bad, because it didn't take my problem away, and therefore I have to suffer with this longer.  I'm just waiting on God...
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You may have liver stones. Stones actually form in the liver and since you don't have a gallbladder they get backed up in the ducts. Doing a liver flush is the best thing to do, it worked for me. Taking out the gallbladder is not always the solution as I found out. Taking a hi lipase food enzyme to digest fats also helps me.You can take a tablespoon of epsom salts in 3/4 cup of cold water(yuck, I know!). If your pain subsides it probably is stones. Good luck!
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Oh I'm so glad I came here. I have been battling the choking, swallowing and lack of breath for months now and I thought I was alone. Docs have dx me with asthma, panic d/o, anxiety, allergies, etc. I just had the endoscopy and the ph probe. I have been dx with LPRD (laryngopharengeal reflux d/o). There is not a lot of info on it but you may want to check with your GI or ENT about it. Your symptoms sound classic to LPRD. I am not getting the relief I need from Prevacid. Nexium 2x/day helps but I still feel the choking. Some days I can't go outside b/c it takes my breath. I'm afraid to sleep at night out of fear of stopping breathing. Can anyone help? I've been to the ER 5x in 3 months for breathing probs and choking sensations. They all think I have anxiety. I need help to get rid of this. I'm so down. I've lost 15 pounds in just a little over 2 weeks b/c I can't eat. I feel like I'm choking or my throat is closing when I eat. I can sometimes drink water. I've been to the hospital for dehydration related to the lack of fluid intake. Please help me.
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Ok, lately I'm getting the same symptoms as I posted in my other post. I feel nausea setting in-as if I'm on one of those kids playground rides that spins around and around...dizzy and feel like throwing up. I feel light headed and like I'm going to tip over. I really wish I knew the cause. It almost feels like when I try to focus when I'm dizzy it makes me feel like throwing up even more so. All of these symptoms and noone seems to put a name to this horrible problem.
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You may have vertigo, or possibly meniere's disease. Don't know, but go to the doctor and have them test you.
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