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fat intolerance/allergy

  I am currently 29 and female.
  4 years ago while taking an anti-depressant
  my hormones were thrown out of wack.  At the
  same time I became extremely sensitive to food.
  When I stopped the medication, my hormones went
  back to normal but my digestive difficulties
  continued to worsen.  The symptoms were constant
  flatulance, bloating, pain, and gurgling noises
  from stomach and small intestine, with occasional
  bouts of diarrea.
  I found that my problems were mostly related
  to eating fat.  The higher fat content in the
  meal, the worse the problems.
  My HMO doctor said it is fat intolerance and to
  live with it.
  After spending years in misery, I found (after
  developing vaginal yeast infection problems) that
  oral acidophillus helps me extremely.
  That leads me to believe that I might have
  intestinal yeast problems (I have a history
  of excessive antibotic use for acne).  However,
  I have been on acidophillus for a year and diflucan
  off and on for a year.  The diflucan does not
  seem to help my intestinal problems any (unlike
  the acidophillus).  If I discontinue the acidophillus
  then my symptoms worsen.
  Do you know what is going on?
Dear Beth,
Intestinal yeast infections are unusual and I would be reluctant to attirbute your symptoms to such a cause.  Ingesting fatty foods causes the release of a hormone callled CCK.  This protein slows gastric emptying and causes intestinal muscle contractions.  The clinical effects are nausea, cramps and abdominal noise.  These responses are physiologic and do not signify a disease process.
Your symptoms may be compounded by swallowed air and/or irritable bowel syndrome.  If you are distressed by this problem, you should ask your physician to arrange barium studies to exclude structural problems of small intestine and colon.  A gastric emptying study may also be needed.
This information is presented for educational purposes only.  Always consult your personal physician for specific medical questions.
*keywords: irritable bowel syndrome

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