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fecal odor

hi. im a 18 year old male in good health. for the past year or so i have noticed a fecal odor coming from my body. like other cases i've read on this forum i can't smell it all the time. in fact i only really smell it when im working out or working at my job.(things that normally work up a sweat labor type stuff)i really dont understand why this is happening. i shower twice a day everyday. lately i've been taking a pill called odor cleanse but it dosent seem to be working. im also taking vitamin k. its weird but my family says that they dont smell anything, but really who rolls the window more than half way down going 65 on a freeway in 15 degree weather? i've never asked my friends about it but im noticing they are slowly excluding me from things ven things i bring up to do they will do with out me. they have never said anything to my face but sometimes i hear them saying thing like whats that smell alot when im around or IT smells under their breath, but never directing it twords me.  but unlike some cases i read i found out where its coming from. i noticed a moist feeling between my legs under my testicles.i touched it with like one of those medical gloves and it dident so much smell like feces more like a fart type smell. and sometimes i feel a slight pressure on my anus, usually after i use the bathroom sometimes for upwards of a half hour. like i said i shower twice a day so im really confused as to the cause. needless to say its quite disgusting. its really ruining my life i dont even want to go out of my house let alone work on a job site with other guys.pleeeeease anything thing you could do to help me figure out whats causing it or how to fix it would be great. thanks
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Difficult to say without examination.  Certainly the sweat glands harbor bacteria, so the odor emitted can vary from patient to patient.  

Diet may play a role in the body odor.  You can consider adjusting your diet, in conjunction with your physician, to systematically see if a specific food is leading to the odor.  

Finally, there is the possibility of fecal incontinence - which definitely can lead to a fecal odor.  Evaluation for this can include a lower endoscopy (i.e. colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy), or more specialized testing such as anorectal manometry or endorectal ultrasound.

These options can be discussed with your personal physician - or in conjunction with a gastroenterologist.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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Perhaps you have some kind of boil or abscess that is trying to drain itself.  The odor you describe could be pus, and the anal pressure you describe suggests some kind of growth, perhaps an infected hemorroid?  I have the same problem coming from an abscess in my thigh, which I thought was just a fatty tumor.  For the longest time I thought the odor was coming from my sexual organs!  I would suggest visiting a proctologist.
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thank you for your advice. i havent noticed or felt a boil or anything. if so am i supposed to feel it if its there? but i will definitely  make an appointment with a proctoligst i never thought of that. it couldnt hurt. thanks again
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It could be some kind of bacterial or fungal infection if they are coming from the anus and around your testicles.
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This is not an uncommon problem amongst some people, myself included.  
Visit this web site:  www.ibsgroup.org
In the middle of the article explaining the web site you will see a link to Bulletin Board.  Click on that link.  If you then choose the IBS/Pain/Gas/Bloating you will find many people with this same problem.

You will find this site extremely useful.  It is a disgusting thing to live with, its like gas is leaking out of you and you can't control it.

Please visit this web site.  You won't regret it.
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I have been deeling with a fecal odor forover 20 years ,,but on and off,it smells like I passed some real bad gass but I didnt,,its uncontrollable,,,,it would go away for a few years and come back for a few months,,I can call myself an expert on this matter,,I just got all my stool samples come in good from the lab,,and just had a colanoscopy and the doctor cant find anything wrong,,,its so bad and everyone can smell it at my job at times,,,I treid charchoal pills,,Psylliam,,pro-biotics,,,Flat-D charcoal pads,,,eating right foods,,,stopped drinking,,drink plenty of water,,,now I am using the tux alcohol pads and stick them in my rectall area and wipe real good in there cause my doc said there might be some bacteria hiding around my internal hemroids,,,,nothings working yet,,,does anyone know of a cure???can anyone give me some answers????
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20years damn.buddy i feel for u its been happening too me for a 1 year and im going to get rid of it.
by the way what is your email.
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whats your email
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Ive had it on and off for about 20 years,,,the last time I had this problem was like 5 years ago but it went away in a few months,I can go quite a few years without any problems and then it comes on like a ton of bricks,,but this is the longest I have had it for,,about one year also,,so where are you from Angel???I live in jersey,,,you said youre going to get rid of it????well please explain to me how youre going to do that????you can reach me at ***@****
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my E-mail is ***@****
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let me back track on those comments,,the probiotics is clearing me up,,so I guess its just something in my diet that didnt agree with me,,eating lots of fiber foods helped,,,and a good healthy diet,,,when in excess drinking through my experience only brings an unhealthy digestive system,,all the times I had trouble with my digestive track is when I was drinking heavily,and doing alot of drugs didnt help much either,all my digestive problems started when I started doing both of those,,so I know it has to do with that,,in my case its giving youre body enough time to clense,,,good luck people,,,,
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