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gastroparesis + mouth ulcers

  Thank you for answering my request. My son's gastro dr. did
  increase his Reglan dosage to 3x a day. plus Symax sl for stomach cramps. This only bothered him a couple of days so he's not taking med. He has had mouth ulcers for last 3 weeks which have progressively increased. The gastro dr. had us call the gp who put him on a dental paste.  Is this something that goes along with gastroparesis or could it be from the EGD?  We get one step closer to getting better and something else develops! The dr. also said he would do a gastro emptying test if nausea not better in a week after increased dosage.  So far the nausea the same.Could Reglan be causing mouth ulcers? This is very frustrating.  Thank you for all your help.
Dear Cindi R,
Neither Reglan or gastroparesis is associated with mouth ulcers.  List of possible explanations includes: trauma i.e. biting area, apthous ulcers ( seen in association with Crohn's disease). viral infection.
Thisinformation is presented for edducational purposes only.  Ask specific questions to your personal physician.  We would be happy to see you in the Division of Gastroenterology at Henry Ford Health System if you would like a second opinion.  You can arrange an appoinment with Dr. fogel, one of our experts in Gastrointestinal disease, by calling our Physician referral Line at (800) 653-6568.
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