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hida scan

  I've been bothered with abdominal bloating, mild discomfort below my right rib cage, chronic nausea and fatigue for about 1 1/2 years.  I'm 30 y/o and had the following tests to rule out disease:  Ultrasound of abdomen, CT scan of abdomen, gastric emptying scan, upper GI and lower GI series, colonoscopy, endoscopy of upper GI and MRI of head, and also a test where they put water in your ear and try and simulate dizziness.  He feels it is IBS.  I've also had a HIDA scan of the gallbladder which has to be repeated due to technical difficulties.  What I do remember though is that it took quite a while for the gallbladder's image to fully appear on the computer screen after they injected the radioactive substance. In fact, it appeared very small (according to the technician).  I did pass into my intestines rather rapidly. Based on the results of my previous tests, what is the likelihood of this test turning out anything of significance (i.e., should I be worried).  Please let me know your opinion
Dear Tom C,
The HIDA scan is a nuclear medicine study to determine whether the cystic duct and/or cmmon bile duct is obstructed.  The radioisotope is taken p by the liver and then excreted ito the bile duct.  There are many factors that can lead to a delay in gall bladder labeling.  If the ultrasound did not show gall stnes, I would not worry about the HIDA study.
This information is presented for educatinal purposes nly.  Ask specific questions to your personal physician.
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