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im sorry but i still need answers!!!!!!!!!

i have gerd and take metoclopramide for it,well that does not seem to work.before that i was on prevacid and that did not work either.i am constantly nauseated and get these aches in my stomach.and i am embarrassed to ask my doc to do any further testing on me.i think he would think i am bothering him or something.he did do an egd on me though.should i ask for a amylase lipase test or something? what else could it be if its not gerd?
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What tests have you had ?
Is that the only medication you have tried ?
I too am suffering and awaiting further tests,
There are many helpful hints I did to help what I could and many are listed under GERD.
Do you suffer with heartburn and did you change your diet?
Any weight loss ?
I found veges tough to digest and keep a journal for the doctor and hope for a better day.
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I would have responded sooner but have been gone all day.  If you are continuing to have nausea,  have abdominal pains radiating to the back, and your antiacids are not working for Gerd, I suggest you ask your doctor to test your amylase and lipase levels for pancreatitis.  You didn't mention whether food irritates this condition more.  Usually the weight loss doesn't start until the pancreatitis is more advanced and people are unable to eat because of the pain and malabsorption sets in.  You should not be afraid to ask your doctor for further diagnostic tests, it is your right, as it's your health and the present treatment is not working.  You are still in pain and the medication is not helping.  It seems there are other problems that the doctor isn't checking for.  Is this doctor a gastroenterologist or digestive specialist?  I will check the forum again tonight to see if you post again with any questions.  Good luck.
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Are a ultrasound
upper G.I. w/barium
enough to rule out your suggestions?
heartburn daily, wieght loss, abdominal pain and gnawing hunger and the G.I> said to try Libax and Aciphex
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Are you saying you suffer from all the same symptoms as Karizmaflip, with weight loss and abdominal pain, too?  If pancreatitis is your concern, there are bloodtests to check amylase and lipase levels.  A cat-scan will show pancreatic problems.  Sometimes the ultrasound will show it, but usually only if there is the presence of pancreatic pseudocysts or other materials.  The ultrasound does not show it as clearly as a cat-scan will.  I do not think the upper GI is detailed enough to be used for this diagnosis.
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NEVER be embarrassed to ask your doctor for additional tests or diagnosis. You have every right to feel well, and if your doctor is not willing to help you - find another ! If the medicines you are taking do not help - go back to your doctor and DEMAND to have furture tests until he finds what is wrong. That's what he is paid for !
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Hi there, sounds like we have the same sort of thing.
My stomach problems have been getting worse over the past two years. It was only because of a constant sore throat that made me see the Doc.
I  suffered  from bad bouts of ' stomach discomfort',including
high acid and large amounts of wind & bloating .Having heartburn at anytime, even in the dentists chair when tipped backwards.
I tried eating bland foods, which sort of helped. But I found that very hot food, and things with a high acid content, high fat content,alcohol, or lots of spices caused real problems.
The high fat content also appeared to cause bowel irritation.
For the past 6 weeks or so I have been getting a dull ache
on the Rt side just under my ribs. Plus strong flatulence
which can be very embarrasing at times  My Doc sent me for an ulta sound scan,  which shows everything normal ,  and no gall stones.
Am waiting for a Barium stomach x-ray,  the Doc's first thought
was that perhaps it was a Hiatus Hernia.
May be he's right - butI wonder if it could be an ulcer--? duodenal perhaps.
But I'm staying with a low fat diet.
At the moment my stomach is  "quiet " -- this is when I am tempted by chocolate and all the other foods which cause me grief.
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