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internal disorder

  For about 5 months now i've had the following symptoms:
  Bloated, gassy feeling after eating. Various cramps & pains in stomach
  ,groin, bowels, armpits and sometimes shoulder and leg aches.  
  Bowel movements include dark maroon streaks of mucous(?) and twice
  globs of white mucous(?), both times after a very fatty meal.
  Bowel movements are regular shape and size, rarely pale. I feel fine
  and eat healthy. drink coffee and alcohol(3drinks per day). Doctor
  did anal exam and stool test(no blood). Blood test fine.
  My uncle died of colon cancer, my half sister had cervical cancer
  and an aunt had brest cancer all on my mothers side  I'm 38 years old
  and baffled. Any suggestions? Thank You.  
Dear Sam.
The various abdominal pains and cramps are suggestive of Irritable Bowel syndrome or possibly aerophagia, swallowing to much air.  The history of colon cancer and gynecologic malignancy raises the possibility of an increased risk of colon cancer for you.  You should discuss this possibility with your physician to detemine if colon cancer screening is warranted.
This information is presented for educational purposes.  Always ask specific questions to your personal physician.
If you wish a second opinion, you can contact our physician Referral Line [(800)653-6568] and arrange an appoinment with Dr. Bresalier, our expert in colon cancer.
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