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liver problems

i have been drinking everyday for years. Last feb. I
lost alot of weight and felt horrible. Went to doctor and
my lft all were really elevated. Quit drinking and about
2 months later the lft came back to normal. Had U/S , hep
test and liver spleen test all were normal. Never felt
the same as I had all symptoms of liver problems. Loss
of weight, lazy, severe dry mouth, bloating, never hungry,
constant crowling in my stomach, urinate all the time.
red acne looking dots on my back and stomach. The end of
july i had a biopsy that came back with minimal fibrosis,
slight fatty liver, and slight portal inflammation. Doctor
said my liver will be fine. My problem now is, i was so
worried about by health that another doctor prescribed me
klonapin 50 2 a day and Trazadone 2 .5mg a day. I took
these for about 2 months after i had the biopsy. With out
warning i lost more weight and have felt horrible. I beleive
i did more damage or might have cirrhosis now. Stopped
everything(meds) and went to Dr. did LFT and my bilirubin was
slightly high and came back to normal within a week. Dr.
said if I did more damage my ast and alt would of been
high. also had a abdominal CT scan and Dr said that was
ok. Now I still feel sick and gained 10 pounds as I
get bloaded in the belly area. Went to Doctor today
my lft and all normal and says I dont have escites its fat.
Said escites would of show up on my CT scan. The problem is
my cat scan was 7 weeks ago. My liver and regular doctor
think I'm fine and the pills should not of affected my liver.
I want to know in case i get worse and cant work i can
go on disability. But i need a doctor to say i have a problem.
My doctor cant do another biopsy 6 months later, as he says
it takes years to do more damage to go from minimal fibrosis
to cirrhosis. My questions are what does normal LFT test mean.
My regular doctor says my liver is fine if they come back
normal. Do you have any ideas on what I can do now to clear
my mind as I think I have cirrhosis but, I dont see the
doctor doing all the test over at this point. What test
should i maybe ask for. Would much change be seen in
a biopsy 6 months later(altough I dont see the doctor doing one)
How much damage could of i done with these medications, could
of my liver still been not recovered from years of drinking.
Biopsy was done after 9 months of not drinking. Thanks any
other ideas would be helpful.
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A liver biopsy is the definitive test for cirrhosis.  If the biopsy does not show cirrhosis - then you don't have cirrhosis.

I agree that it will likely take more than 6 months for minimal fibrosis to progress to cirrhosis.  

A normal liver enzyme tests suggests that there may be no further damage to the liver.  

Of course, end-stage cirrhosis can also lead to normalized liver function levels - but the liver biopsy 6 months ago would make this scenario unlikely.

The CT scan should be able to determine ascites.  If there is continued concern, you can also obtain a repeat abdominal ultrasound.

These options can be discussed with your personal physician.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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My father has had a tumor removed from his bowel last october and was in good health until he finished his first 2 week period of Chemotherapy pills. He became VERY dehydrated and we thought he may die. He was admitted to hospital and with 19 litres of fluid passed through him  in 10 days he is now sitting up and back on solid food. The problem is that he started to Hicup on admission to hospital and they have got worse and worse. He is now hicuping every 5/10 seconds and having breathing difficulties as a result and has been paniking that he cant get in air when he is hicuping. We are all very worried about him... Please help!

10 days of this- and he is an old man.
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