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mouth sores
I am a 32 yr old woman and have had CD for 16 yrs.  Had a colostomy for 5 that was reversed 6 yrs ago because it wasn't working and have had a draining anal fistula for about 2 yrs which is constant.  I have 2 questions. First, I have just developed sores on the back of my tongue. They look like cold sores but i don't think they are.  I have been in a flare up for almost 2 yrs now and although the past few months were better than most, lately I have been sliding.  I have been on pentasa, methotrexate, the 5 ASA drugs, prednisone, cipro and was doing very well after 4 infusions of remicade untill I developed extremely swollen joints (lastd for 2 months).  My antibodies to the drug were "borderline" my doc said but he didn't want to risk any more reactions so unfortuantely, I had to stop taking it.  I just wonder if anyone else has had a similar reaction or if there are any new developements happening that I may be able to find otu about. I live in Canada.  Thanks for any info you can give.
p.s. right now I am not taking any meds as nothing has helped me yet.
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